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    I live about an hour away from Seattle, and there are a lot of Emily's, Megan's, Madison's, Madeline's, Jashayla's, Casey's (boy and girl)... it seems that I come in contact with mostly traditional names at my high school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by claredelune View Post
    Oh hey, I live in Wallingford! And Trophy Cupcakes would be an excellent place to scope out names. Or Molly Moon's.

    Among my friends and coworkers (I work for a literary journal), I know little kids named Juliana, Eva, Cora, Nora, Dante, Hollis, Nolan, Lucian, Edie, and Huxley. Mildly quirky classics seem to dominate.
    I love both Trophy Cupcakes and Molly Moon's!

    I live in South King County (30-40 minutes from Seattle) but I know people that live around Seattle/Bellevue as well. I've heard a mix of everything. Everything from Ava,Chloe,Emma, Sophia/Sophie,Abigail,Mia, and Isabelle/Isabella, to Annabelle,Audrey, Addison, Jocelyn, Norah,Evelyn,Layla/Laila,Lucy,Stella,Luna,Ruby,and Madeline.
    Only 19 but a name lover!

    Top Five:Charlotte Belle,Emilia Alice,Clara Eve,Norah Lucille,and Adelaide/Adeline Pearl
    Other Favorites:Violet Isabelle,Lucy Arwen, Lila Josephine, Olive Beatrix,Amelie Sophia, Audrey Catherine,Louisa Caroline,Eliza Maeve,and Matilda Sophie
    Henry Caspian, Rory Philip,Asher Flynn, Jack Elias, and Gideon James

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