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    Middle names for Cadence? :)

    Me and my partner are really loving Cadence for a girl! We've got a few options in our mind: Cadence Violet / Violet Cadence, Cadence Lily / Lily Cadence, Cadence Victoria, Cadence Eloise.

    We don't feel like any of the above names are "the one" though We love nature names, I personally love old fashioned names but he doesn't seem to love many.. I'd really love some suggestions! Thank you so very much!!

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    My daughter Annabelle was very nearly named Cadence! Instead she is Annabelle Cadence. If we had use Cadence in the first name position she middle name would have been Patience or Faith. I also like Willow, Jade and Pearl
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    Cadence is really pretty - my favourites from your list are Cadence Eloise and Violet Cadence.

    Reading your others, Pearl sprang to mind straight away; how do you feel about Cadence Pearl or Pearl Cadence?
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    I like Lily Cadence. I also like Eloise Cadence. Cadence Rose is pretty as is Willow Cadence.
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    Before I really got into naming sites, I had the combo, Cadence Aurora. I was really into the name, until I realized a couple of things and decided although I like the combo, it wasn't for me.

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