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    Generally the only deviations I find I like are simplifications: I prefer Anabel to Annabelle, etc.
    Most of the time I don't like names that have multiple common spelling options.
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    I saw this one on here the other day: Gwyneth vs. Gwenyth. I prefer the look of Gwyneth but prefer the sound of Gwenyth and the potential for the nn Gwen....
    Some current considerations:

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    I believe Gwyneth is the traditional spelling. I went to high school with a Gwyneth; she uses the full name professionally but everyone calls her Gwen. In my region, there is no difference in the sound of Gwyneth and Gwenyth.

    I admit that I don't know if Peyton or Payton is "correct," but there are a ton of girls at this school with the name and just like I always had to ask Sarah's "With an h or without?", now I have to say "Payton with an a or an e?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by uselesskitty View Post
    I also MUCH prefer Gillian over Jillian. The G makes seem elegant and fresh imo.
    My mother is name Gillian, so I've always thought the same haha. She's the only Gillian I know, but there is plenty of Jillian's around.

    Some more names I like with a different spelling are;

    Ariana, Arianna is much more common from where I live. I just like it with the one N.

    Annabel instead of Annabelle. I used to prefer Annabelle but then it looked too frilly for me (I find Annabel a frilly name anyway).

    I much prefer Louis to Lewis. Lewis is extremely popular where I live...There were 5 in my year at comprehensive school. There were also a few Lewys' too. I think it looks a bit better than Lewis.
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    I love Katharine. Two a's. Like Katharine Hepburn. It and Catherine are about tied for me. I know its maybe a bit strange, but I don't like Katherine nearly as much as the others.

    I like the h on Susannah, it looks lopsided without it, and at odds with other Biblical names like Hannah, Sarah, Leah, etc. Well, those h's are also debatable, but I prefer them, generally.

    I do prefer the simpler Isabel/Annabel/Mirabel to -belle or -bella forms though, so I can appreciate simplicity at times.

    Rosamund I definitely prefer to Rosamond.

    I like Briar more than Brier.

    I like both Reina and Raina more than Rayna or Reyna.

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