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    Leopold is a wonderful name. The nickname Leo strikes the balance of modern with the rather old fashioned name- making it perfectly usable.

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    My little guy is Leopold nn Leo. When I named him in 2011 folks on here were less than impressed. Glad to see the switch!
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    Leopold is a handsome, underused antique gem. It could seem a bit heavy and old-fashioned but would be perfect on the right boy. My first association is Prince Leopold, Queen Victoria's son.
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    I'm really glad that so many of you like the name and its also great to see some berry children with it too!! I think it seems like we are pretty set on using Leopold, I really do love it! He will definitely go by the nn Leo but I just think he needs a longer, more formal name tofall back one when he's older.
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    Another vote for Leopold here; more unique than Leonard/Leonardo, not as "out there" as Leofric.
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