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    We toyed with Leopold for our son because Leo (just Leo) is a family name, but I can't stand nickname-y names as full names (for my children, I mean). However, I wasn't brave enough to do it. I suspect we'll start seeing more Leopolds now that the "old" names are starting to get used a bit more and especially since Leo is a very sought-after nickname, so some people will use what they have to in order to get Leo. In my area, I know two Leos and one Leonardo (called Leo) under the age of 4.

    That said, I do think Leo goes really well with Ivy. Ivy and Leo? How adorable is that!!!?? So so so cute. If you're okay with shorter nickname-y names, this seems perfect for you.

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    I adore Leopold. It was my cats full name, though he always went by Leo. I don't think it's too old at all, but it certainly feels distinguished and serious. Which is where the more playful Leo comes into play! My second favorite Leo name is Leonidas. I prefer a longer name in almost all cases, even if you intend to only call your child by the shorter "nickname."

    Leo & Ivy sound fantastic together!
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    Leopold is a great name. Right now, it's my favorite Leo name. Ivy and Leopold are great together, as are Ivy and Leo.
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    I love Leopold! It sounds great with Ivy. I don't think it's too old-fashioned, having a popular short form makes it much more accessible. I also like just Leo, but if you're wary of starting a theme you might not want to use another three-letter full name.

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    Love it, I'm using it on this one if it's a boy or for furture sons. My Dad's middle is Leo and I want to germanize and formalize it somewhat to match my husband's culture and history.

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