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    Lightbulb Reconstructing my girls list. (:

    I'm working on both of my lists, and I'd love opinions on my girls and a bit of help. (:
    (Here's my other thread:

    Warning: Yes, I have an unusual taste in girls name. And yes, I want double middles for my girls.

    Here are my girls:

    Nahla Terri Nicole
    Karine Laura Poet
    Wylie Memphis Ann
    Elektra Raven Mia
    Marlowe Violet Rae

    Karine, Laura, Ann, Raven, Mia, and Rae are all after family members.

    I'm looking for more girl names...two singles I have currently:


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    I like Marlowe, Violet and Rae. I'm just not sure I love them together.


    Mia Violet Ann
    Marlowe Rae Poet
    Karine Elektra Rae
    *Magnolia Alice / Evangeline ? / Adelaide Clover / Athena Florence/
    Genevieve ? / Georgiana Marion/ Eugenie Marigold/Ottiline Hattie/ Lilia*Liliana*

    *Osias /Augusten /Thatcher/ Ignatius /Hawthorne/
    Peregrine /Fennec/ Inigo /Hugo / Beau/ August/ Maximus*

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