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    From your list, for a cowgirl, I like Cassidy and Lilyan Mae (though I prefer the spelling of Lilian Mae).
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    I'm not big on the K names. But I really love Willow Grace. Very pretty and I think it goes well with her brothers' names. I don't mind Teagan but with two brothers I would go with something a little more feminine. I guess I just think Willow fits all the way around!
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    I was looking for a feminine but strong name with meaning.... my hubby likes girlie girl names... we do like old fashion, not popular names with a modern flair.
    If this is what you are going for, I have to say your choices thus far kind if miss this mark. They are all pretty much the epitome of modern, popular trendy names, with no history or meaning and by no stretch of the means are 'old fashioned'. I also wouldn't call them feminine or strong, but rather masculine or unisex, and trending towards cutesy.

    Now, that's not to say you shouldn't use them, or they don't work, or whatever, but I do think you could be a bit more clear about the names you like and how they are perceived by others.
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    I like Auden and Willow best. The rest are too trendy for my taste. I deeply dislike Kylie, Kinley, and Kinsley - they sound teen mom-ish.

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    I like Teagan & Cassidy from your choices.
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