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    Very interesting and relevant thread, Blade. Thank you for taking your time to do it

    I think the worst thing is that they don't seem to realise that their stories often are absolutely unreliable. I mean, why not be realistic if you feel a such need to make up fantasy families (or perhaps purchase Sims; I think that might be the easiest solution).

    Quote Originally Posted by madi13 View Post
    Do you guys realize how rude and judgmental you are? This is cruel.
    This isn't even calling people out on it (except for jc54, but she was asking for it). It's not putting a list of user names out there. It's simply stating that there is a shocking amount of fakers on here, and I don't see anything cruel or rude about it. Maybe you can elaborate on how it is "rude"? Personally, I don't judge the fakers, mainly because I am fairly certain that there are some rather serious emotional issues behind a lot of these made-up children, and I don't really see anyone else judging.
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