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    19th Century Photographers

    I have been learning recently about the very beginning of photography, and the early photographer pioneers. And man oh man have I been so enthralled by so many of their names! Take a gander at this list and let me know which names you think are useable, which you like, or which you really dislike! It's funny how many of these names are becoming super popular and trendy recently:

    William Henry Fox Talbot
    Edouard Baldus
    Hippolyte Bayard
    Gustave Le Gray
    Henri Le Secq
    Auguste Mestral
    Charles Clifford
    Arthur Worthington
    Timothy O'Sullivan
    Eadweard Muybridge (not a typo!)
    Joseph Nicephore Niepce
    Felix Moulin
    Henry Peach Robinson
    Oscar Gustave Rejlander

    What a list!
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    I love William Henry Fox as a combo! That's great.
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    Arthur is the best name in existence.

    I'm also very fond of Felix and Oscar. Some of the surnames are usable too, like Clifford and Gray. I don't dislike any of the names, although I think a few of them would work better for me if you had ties to France.

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