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    Jan 2013
    Glad to see I'm not the only one who does this! My Corolla is named Svetlana. In the past, I've had bikes named Macy, Lacey, and Klaus.
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    My first car was Millie (cause I got her at the Millennium and she was way older than that!)
    My second car was Tillie (cause I needed her to last Till I was able to get a new car -- she lasted 12 years! lol)

    I just got my first new car last year and I still love it. It's a little white Prius C.
    No idea what name I should pick. It hasn't needed any encouragement or yelling yet so I haven't really called it anything.

    Any suggestions?
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    The first car that I truly attached a name to was my Mazda 5. Stick a beaver tale on that thing and it looks like a red platypus. Being a Phineas and Ferb fan, I thought Perry was a very fitting name . I miss Perry...
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    My car is Zeke Zombie. He looks like he survived a zombie attack . . .

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    Absolutely! My first car was named Priscilla. A nice little BMW. The car I have now is called Mickey.
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