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    My car is named Charlene. I called her this because of The Simpson's episode (Dead Putting Society) when Homer makes Bart name his putter.

    Homer: "Give your putter a name."
    Bart: "Mr Putter."
    Homer: "No, give it a girl's name."
    Bart: "Mom."
    Homer: "Your putter's name is Charlene!"
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    @ashthedreamer- too funny about your car being named Lucia Madeleine. You aren't a Hanson fan by any chance, are you? I got Lucy as a nickname because of the Hanson song and I called my friend Madeline. Lucy stuck for me, though, and that's what's I've been going by for 15 years.

    And for the OP, I accidentally named my car "Rita". I just said it one day and it stuck. My friends call her Rita, it's just weird. I don't even like the name Rita, haha.
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    We have a Jetta wagon named Heidi. Our previous car was a Subaru Forrester named Roberta. In the 12 years I've known my Dh, he's also had a Pimento (Honda Civic hatchback), a Desdemona (Nissan Altima), and an Eleanor (Ford Taurus station wagon), all of which he named. He didn't have the best luck with cars...

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    I named my first car Joan. My sister called it Yoda because it was old and decrepit.

    I haven't named my current car yet.... *pulls out name list*

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    I have an 04 Sonata that I named Johan and gets called Joe or Old Man a lot.
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