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Thread: Pet Berries!

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    New Hampshire
    I am the worst at uploading pictures, but here's a link to all my beloved fur babies!

    Alexander Owen ~ Patrick Thomas ~ Jack ~ Mark ~ Conor ~ Nolan ~ Ian ~ Vincent ~ Caleb
    Nora ~ Claire ~ Stella ~ Madeleine ~ Ava ~ Soleil ~ Gabrielle ~ Leah

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    Oh my gosh, cute overload. Kuno's coat is gorgeous!

    This is Leo. He died in September, but I'm including him. Because.

    This is Sebastian. He's our 5 year old goofball.

    And Clementine, our newest furbaby. Clem might actually be a boy. We can't tell yet, and will find out in the next couple weeks when we take her in for spaying/neutering. If she's a boy, we'll name him Oleander.
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    writing a novel and preparing for the baby making
    our two furbabies: Sebastian & Oleander

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    OMG YES! I love showing off my babies!

    Calcifer - He is named after the fire demon in Howl's Moving Castle. It was the first movie my husband and I saw together and the only name we could agree on, lol!

    Mittzy - Originally mittens because her paws are black, but my husband liked Mittzy better, and then I got in the habbit of calling her Mittzy and well, she really is more of a Mittzy than a Mittens

    Calcifer and Mittzy together, both will be 3 in June!
    Our Cats:
    Calcifer & Mittzy

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    I don't have pictures.
    But I can still tell you about my babies!
    Massey (prn. Mass-ee) - my tiny, runt-of-the-litter black-and-tan smooth coated dachshund. She only weighs about 5-7 lbs, but she's perfectly healthy. She just can't gain weight. :/ She'll be 5 in November. She's COMPLETELY spoiled rotten, and loves to cuddle on the couch under a blanket.

    Mars - I didn't have a chance to name her, unlike Massey. Since she's a solid white, short haired (fat) cat, her nicknames include Smarsh, Marsh and Marshmallow. She's a bitter cat that hates everyone except me. With me, she loves to cuddle and be pet. And nap.
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    Augustus Grey - Phineas Alexander "Finn"

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    I don't have a pic on me right now but;
    I have 1 dwarf hamster- Pashmina!
    I usually call her Pashie or Pashy-butt (yes I know I'm a weirdo)
    For about the first five minutes I had her, her name was Ginger, because of her colouration, but I felt that it was too cliche for a pet, so I went with Pashmina instead, which is extremely soft, like her fur.
    Mum to a dwarf hamster, Pashmina Aerica

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