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    Pick your Faves!

    Pick your Faves

    You can use whatever names you like! Just pick your favorite option from each list. No favorite? Pick whatever stands out the most to you.

    1. Pick the color you like most from this list. If none are your favorite, pick your next favorite.

    Pink: Girl
    Blue: Boy/Girl Twins
    Red: Boy/Girl Twins
    Green: Boy
    Brown: Boy
    Black: Boy
    Orange: Girl
    Indigo: Boy/Girl twins
    Silver: Boy/Girl Twins

    2. Pick your favorite flower. It will be a girl ... Or girls!

    Rose: Single
    Azalea: Twins
    Violet: Triplets
    Lavender: Quads
    Lilac: Single
    Daisy: Twins
    Peony: Triplets
    Tulip: Quads
    Pansy: Single
    Bluebell: Twins
    Hyacinth: Triplets
    Hibiscus: Quads
    Carnation: Single
    Petunia: Twins
    Bluebell: Triplets
    Daffodil: Quads

    3. Pick a season
    Winter: Boy/Girl Twins
    Summer: Girl
    Spring: Girl
    Autumn: Girl

    4. Pick a body of water
    River: Girl
    Lake: Boy/Girl Twins
    Ocean: Boy/Girl Twins

    5. Pick a fire-related word
    Blaze: Boy
    Flame: Boy
    Fire: Girl/Boy Twins

    6. Pick a weather
    Sunny: Girl
    Rain: Boy/Girl Twins
    Snow: Girl

    7. Pick a time of day
    Morning: Girl
    Day: Boy/Girl Twins
    Afternoon: Girl
    Evening: Girl
    Night: Boy

    8. Pick a fruit
    Apple: Girl
    Banana: Girl
    Plum: Girl
    Orange: Boy/Girl Twins

    Now list all your kids and name them!
    I'm just gonna play Baby Name Games for a while.

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    Little Ladies
    ~ Cassandra *Andie* Grace ~ Jessamine *Jessie* Eve ~ Charlotte *Charlie* Lydia ~

    ~ Theodora *Teddy* Celeste ~ Lilliana *Lilly* Claire ~ Hermione *Remy* Rose ~

    Young Gents
    ~ Alexander *Alec* James ~ Benjamin *Ben* Adam ~ Nathaniel *Nate* Reid ~
    ~ Jonathan *Nate* Isaac ~ Theodore *Theo* Henry ~ Lukas *Luke* Montgomery ~

    Crushes (fn): Adam, Alice, Anna, Arthur, Henry, Ivan, Kate, Rose

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    Washington State
    Not expecting, just collecting!
    Mama to cat: Finley Nash (Finn)

    My Favorite Names:
    Girls Names: Isla, Hannah, Lila, Josie, Harper, Daisy, Stella, Madeleine, Olivia, Isabelle, Willow, Sadie, Georgia, Ruby, Brynn, Viviena, Janie.
    Boys Names: Blake, Easton, Lane, Eli, Ezra, Theodore, Noah, Sawyer, Knox, Felix.

    Favorite Combos:
    Daisy Madeleine, Isla Wren, Stella Madeleine, Nora Madeleine, Emma Jean, Sadie Elisabeth, Georgia Pearl
    Eli Benjamin, Blake Michael, Judson Wyatt, Ezra Nathaniel

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    For a while there I didn't think I was going to get away from the all girls' trend lol. Luckily it evened out by the end some.

    DD: Leonie Viveca
    DD/DD: Aziza Ruby & Paloma Everly "Lola"
    DD: Indira Maeve "Indie"
    DS/DD: Harlan Rafferty & Clementine Sanna "Clea"
    DS: Nico Julius
    DS/DD: Archer Lorcan & Vale Astoria
    DS: Ozias Wesley
    DS/DD: Soren Barnaby & Reina Eulalie
    "C." Mid 20's. Sonographer and hobbyist writer/drawer.

    Leonie Viveca | Thora Eulalie | Saskia Delphine
    Harlan Rafferty | Nico Barnaby | Reed Prospero
    Girl List | Boy List

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    London, England
    DS: Graham Stone
    DD/DD: Clara Misha & Esther Finley
    DD: Faye Timothea
    DD: Agnes Nigthingale
    DS: Vincent Martinus
    DD: June Sunniva
    DS: Gustav Bastien
    DD: Maisie Magnolia
    Clara Misha Esther Agnes •• Gustav Vincent Graham

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