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    What is the feminization of Etienne?


    Was wondering if anyone knew the feminization of Etienne (Etienna? I don't know if that looks right?!).

    And I am not so keen on Estephanie

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    It is a french form of Stephen. So any feminization of Stephen would work.

    Behind the Name lists Etiennette as its female version.
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    It's not actually from Etienne (which has actually been on my boy's list before), but Etain is a possible honouring/similar name you might like. It is the name of a beautiful fairy from Irish mythology who was turned into a fly/butterfly (according to Nameberry), and although the meaning - 'jealousy' - isn't very nice, I think the sound is lovely. It's also sometimes associated with the Celtic sun goddess, apparently, as well. Good luck - Stephanie is always another option.

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    I went to college with an Etain and I always thought it was a beautiful name.
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