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    Giuseppina? And a more realistic crush...

    Is this completely unusable? I've found myself really falling for it over the past couple months. I love the soft "G" and the feminine allure. I like that I could still probably use my favorite Josephine nn, too (Posy!), although I admit to loving Gigi and Sephie, too. But is it totally crazy for someone with absolutely no Italian blood?

    I also love Josefina (with the German prn., yo-seh-FEE-nah, not the Spanish one), but I'm afraid it works about as well as Giuseppina does. :/

    I think I just need convincing that it most definitely needs to stay in the GP list rather than the realistic one.

    On another note--how does Hazel fit with the other names on my list? I've been crushing on this lately, too, and I figure it'd be easier to get away with than Giuseppina. I was thinking Hazel Isabella or Hazel Elisabeth...

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    Giuseppina is a lot of name. It sounds cool and looks cool but it's a lot of name.

    Do you think Josefina will get the pronunciation you want where you live? The Spanish pronunciation is my natural go-to, so maybe I'm not the best judge of that.

    Hazel is lovely. I think it fits with Olivia and Violet (too much color?) and Charlotte, Eva and Tess. You're other names are so feminine and flowy (Isabelle, Arianne, Lilliana, Eleni) that Hazel seems abrupt next to them.

    Hazel Elizabeth has the "el" sound repeated next to each other, so it kinda becomes one name when I say it. Hazelizabeth.

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    Hazel Elisabeth is gorgeous. Like, drop-dead-gorgeous. This is the obvious winner for me! I would have no clue how to pronounce Giuseppina and I don't like Josefina. Josephine is cute, but IMO, it doesn't hold a candle to Hazel. Go with Hazel!
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    Giuseppina is adorable but quite a mouthful. I don't think you'd ever get two Mns to flow right with it

    Josefina is so sweet but I think you would have to correct the pronunciation all the time. I think most people would just say Josephine with an a at the end but maybe not. With all the NN options though she could easily say hi I'm Posy or Josie or Effie or whatever she chooses. So I think this one has definite potential.

    Hazel has never been my favorite but I can see the appeal. I think it fits in fine with your other names but it always seems better to me as an mn. It just has a somewhat harsh quality to me that flows better as a mn. I think Adeline Hazel or even Catherine Hazel would be gorgeous.

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    @peacelovepurple - I'm glad you like it. It seems like Hazel can feel so harsh with most combos, I had a really hard time coming up with something I liked. I'm not even sure Hazel Elisabeth's perfect, but I do like it. I still LOVE Hazel Isabella (it was my combo when it was on my top 5 years ago), but with Isabelle being completely immovable as my number one for years now, I don't foresee using Isabella when I love Isabelle so much.

    Oh, and @dindlee - I am not sure I could really say as to whether I could ensure the "yo" pronunciation. There is a strong German/Dutch presence where I live, but in the cities, there is a strong Hispanic population, as well. A good part of me is German/Swiss, so I feel like one of the reasons I like Josefina so much is because it could honor my heritage. But the German part of my family has been in America since the 1600s, so I think people would think it'd be weird to pick such an obviously German/European name, when we've been American mutts for so long. But still, I love how obviously German it is!

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