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    What immediately sprung to mind was Hickory and Evander. (That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'll try and come up with some more...) Good luck!

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    I can't imagine naming a son Hickory and naming a second child anything other than a nature name. Anything else - Asa, Sawyer, or Ezra, for example - feels completely out of place with Hickory.

    That said, Canyon is my favorite with Hickory. It has the same rugged feel, and it's a (not too matchy) nature name like Hickory. Do you have a middle name picked out? If not, I like Canyon Ezra or Canyon Sawyer.
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    Thanks Southern.Maple, that's helpful feedback. We don't have a middle name picked out yet. We are adopting and would like to honor his birthmother in some way and are thinking of incorporating her name in some way. Since her name begins with an E, Ezra might be a lovely middle name, although I have to admit that I prefer Canyon Sawyer : )

    Our son, Hickory's middle name is Crane.

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    I meant to add that we honored our son's birthmom, whose name begins with C, with his middle name. We hope to do the same this time around also although she has some possible names in mind that we may choose to go with instead. While they are more traditional, they hold special meaning for her - Andrew and Edward.

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    I like:
    Canyon - A cool name with a cool image.
    Asa - It doesn't really fit with Hickory but I don't think sibling name have to match perfectly.
    Wilder - I like this a lot.
    Ezra - I think this is becoming more common but i don't know any children with this name. I've only met one person named Ezra in my life and he would be about 32 years old now.
    Milo - I love it but it's only getting MORE popular.
    Harlan - A great name and one I have been thinking about myself for a future son.

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