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    My girls list...wdyt?

    So my husband and I have been discussing ttc. We still haven't decided on timing but we have been talking names...well I have been and he has been forced to listen. I'm not sure of "our" style although he has vetoed a lot of my favorites.

    We will use the middle name Elizabeth (it was my grandmother's name who passed away recently) if we don't end up using it as a if we have a girl...

    Hadley Elizabeth
    Norah Elizabeth
    Josephine Elizabeth (this one is a bit long with our 3 syllable last name)
    Reagan Elizabeth (his pick)
    Emerson Elizabeth
    Zoe Elizabeth (another of his favorites)
    Lucy Elizabeth*
    Ainsley Elizabeth*
    Delaney Elizabeth*
    Estella Elizabeth* (my favorite! a NO from the hubs)

    * means the name is not husband approved...

    Elizabeth "Libby" Grace (if we use it as a first...)

    Any thoughts, observations, opinions...

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    And now for your girls list! Again, I love your middle name choice! Elizabeth is a big favourite of mine and will likely be used in the middle spot, too. Of your first name choices, I love Josephine. Others that I like, but don't love, are Hadley, Norah, Reagan, Zoe and Lucy. The others I don't like so much. Josephine Elizabeth is a long name, but it's lovely!
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    I like Elizabeth, Nora (no 'h'), Hadley, Lucy, and Zoe best. Josie is a cute nn too. My fav is Lucy though!!

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    Norah Elizabeth - I love Nora (no h) as well.
    Zoe Elizabeth (another of his favorites) - I love the spunky Zoe with the classic Elizabeth. Awesome combo. Well done hubby!
    Delaney Elizabeth* - this feels a bit contradictory to me. Dark Challenger and pledged to God. (Is she challenging your pledge to God?)
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    There are several I like, but first, I have a question. Are you pronouncing Reagan RAY-gan? I ask because I love the name REE-gan, but I'm not a fan of RAY-gan, so that'll change my ranking of that name.

    As for the others, I love Lucy, Emerson, Zoe, Josephine, and Ainsley. They all work very well with Elizabeth. My favorite would have to be Lucy, followed by Ainsley.

    I also like Elizabeth "Libby" Grace, but less than Elizabeth Grace.

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