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    I adore Anastasia! I picture a funny and feisty girl. I'm so sad I can't use it myself (The nickname I would've used, Anya, is too close to my own name, Tanya)

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    I like the name but have a hard time spelling it without looking it up. Lol. I like the nn Ana though !!

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    I don't think sassy when I think Anastasia.
    I think of a very intelligent young lady who is quiet but a deep thinker. She is cunning and resourceful and a fierce competitor in any competition.
    teen berry

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    I had a good friend named Anastasia once. She was very smart, pretty and gifted in the worlds of dance and design/fashion.
    But I will also say that I do remember her saying on several occasions that once a teacher couldn't pronounce her name, so she was given the nickname Nasty; which then stuck with her all through middle school and parts of high school so far.
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    I absolutely adore this name. There's a fantastic series of childrens' books with a main character named Anastasia, a smart, quirky girl with very cool parents. I would love to meet a little Anastasia.

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