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    Your right, RAPM and RIPM aren't bad - I just felt the need to point it out just in case - people sometimes over look things. (I usually do).
    If Ofelia is her mn I wouldn't worry so much about people being confused about spelling and if he likes it I think having it be accurate to your native tongue is really cool.

    Viola might work as well.
    Expecting Our First.....
    DH doesn't want to discuss names until
    we know if it's a boy or girl. GRRRRR ARGH!

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    Viola is on the list - it's been a favourite since I read Nightingale Wood!

    I'm very much aware of initials and I always write up names as full name, name and last name, nn and last name and initials - just to cover all bases :P My partner says I'm mad!

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    (Imo, I don't think that's mad..haha..I think that's smart. )

    Rosalie Viola Pearl M. (pretty!)

    No deliberate spelling in the initials..check. Pretty flow of the name...I say..check.)

    And you have nice ties into why you like each name...;D double check.

    ((Whatever your choice...hope you and your partner love it!))

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    I actually quite like that - I like how it sticks to vintage names, all of them with (imo) good associations and meanings. Not too OTT and no bad initials.

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    Sounds like you have a nice choice to mull over with your partner....;D

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