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    15 and preg? What to do?

    This is Ella's best friend typing on here, hello. I'm 15 &&& just found out I'm pregnant. What should I do mom berries?

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    Tell your parents ASAP, get counseling and research your options. If you decide to abort, make sure you get on birthcontrol as soon as possible. If you decide to continue, then you need to look into your schooling options (again, speak to your counselor) and get yourself to a doctor.

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    Well, if this is true, you need to tell your parents and research your options, which are keeping the baby, having a termination, or putting the baby up for adoption. You DEFINITELY need to discuss these options with someone you trust (if not your parents, then a doctor, teacher or another ADULT - not a fifteen-year-old friend). I'm a teacher and I know I would do my very best to support a student in this situation, so I'm sure most of your teachers would be very helpful and understanding. I don't think anyone on this site can tell you what to do (ie, keep the baby, have a termination, or put the baby up for adoption). That's a decision you need to make on your own. There are positives and negatives for each. Whatever you decide, it's going to be tough, and you will need a lot of support, which is why I suggest telling your parents, doctor, teacher, etc. A lot of girls in your situation are afraid to tell their parents, but they will probably be a lot more supportive than you think!
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