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    Spring Name Game

    Hi everyone!

    I was just inspired by a thread that I saw here on Nameberry. It was an Autumn Name Game, and I thought that since spring is here at last, I'm going to start a Spring Name Game! Hope you enjoy it.

    Girl 1:

    What's your favorite flower? (FN)

    Rose: Juliet
    Tulip: Imogen
    Daisy: Grace
    Daffodil: Gemma
    Pansy: Arabella

    What's the best part of spring? (MN)

    The warmth: Hope
    Everything in bloom: Lucy
    All of those vacations: Adelaide
    The sunshine: Maisie
    The birds: Paige

    Boy 1

    What's your favorite spring color? (FN)

    Pink: Timothy
    Lavender: Noah
    Mint green: Matthew
    Sky blue: Caleb
    Yellow: Henry

    What's the coolest animal in the spring? (MN)

    Butterfly: James
    Bird: Charles
    Squirrel: Oliver
    Caterpillars: Luke
    Other: Max

    Girl 2

    What's your favorite season? (You don't need to pick spring) (FN)

    Spring: Eve
    Summer: Madeline
    Fall: Sadie
    Winter: Morgan
    I don't know: Amelia

    What's the best month in spring? (MN)

    March: Melanie
    April: Daphne
    May: Bridget
    June: Cleo

    Boy 2

    What's your favorite spring activity to do outside? (FN)

    Gardening: Leo
    Reading: Trevor
    Jogging: Gavin
    Climbing trees: Thomas
    Going to the park: Isaac

    What's the prettiest thing outside?

    Flowers: Nicholas
    Trees: Jason
    Animals: Sebastian
    Sky: Owen

    Here are my answers:

    Imogen Lucy
    Matthew James
    Sadie Bridget
    Trevor Nicholas

    P.S. - Thanks so much to all the Nameberry members who helped me figure out how to actually START a new thread!
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