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    Also, I think you mentioned that you felt you were too pale or didn't look good. I understand that feeling- I felt that I was too tan with a huge nose, a mess of ugly curls and a frumpy body. I didn't fit the standard of beauty in my high school. The girls who had boyfriends and were considered hot were small and thin, with blue eyes, straight long hair and Northern European features. It's taken me a really long time to decide that I looked good- though I still have days where I look in the mirror and say "If only I had Dad's blue green eyes and my siblings light complexion." I don't know what guys like either, and though I've started to accept myself, I still look at guys and remember this guy in middle school who said I was "f***ing ugly." But there are plenty of guys out there!
    As for having different tastes than your age group, I understand that too. It can take a long time to find people you click with, and it can be hard having to sit by yourself day after day. Even though my high school is small and I have the same classes with a lot of people, it wasn't until late in my sophomore year that I finally made friends that were anglophiles, book worms, and old movie lovers. I'm not sure where you're at in school, but like I said it takes time. Just keep your head up and maybe find something that interests you (maybe your school has a club roster that you can look over) and try to join one of those. You'll be bound to find someone with similar interests.
    I hope this helps! I don't want you to think that to find a boyfriend or make friends you need to get a fake tan, bleach your hair and wear lots of make up. It may be said so often it's been beaten to death, but you really just need to be yourself.
    Have a nice day!

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    Do you do

    Fake tan? - No. I have no need to. I live on the beach, in the South. And I'm half Spanish. I tan like nobody's business, even when I'm wearing sunscreen, so I usually just slap on some SPF 20 a couple of times a day. But I'm fine with fake tan as long as it doesn't get into orange. That just looks bad on anyone. I much prefer the healthy, sunkissed look. I have used a tanning bed a couple of times, but only during the winter when my eczema is acting up and it is too cold to go lay outside.

    Bleached hair? - Absolutely not. My hair is very, very dark brown, and any light-colored hair would look terrible on me. Though I have heard that if you had blonde hair as a young child (like I did), you would look good as a blonde as an adult. But, in general, I don't like bleached hair. It just doesn't look natural, and I'm a big fan of keeping you hair color natural (it's what typically looks best on you).

    lots of makeup? - It depends. I tend to not wear any for a regular day. However, I do sometimes wear a little bit (some light foundation, a smidge of eyeliner and mascara, and some blush and chapstick). I very rarely do more than that. And I don't think that lots of make-up looks good on anyone. I firmly believe that make-up should enhance your features, not drown you.

    Tattoos? - I have one on the inside of my wrist (אדונאי, "Adonai") and one on my shoulder/neck area ("All was well" and the 'A' is the Deathly Hallows symbol). Both are small and easily concealable, and both have lots of meaning to me. I got my first (my wrist tattoo) as a college graduation present for myself. My second one was more of a seat-of-my-pants thing. I had known that I wanted a Harry Potter-related tattoo for years, but I hadn't decided what I wanted. When I got that tattoo, I had just gotten through some very difficult times, and this was my closure. I don't mind a couple of small tattoos, but huge tattoos and/or lots of tattoos just looks trashy to me.

    I have two piercings in my ears and a pierced nose. Once upon I time in my delinquent youth, I also had a pierced navel (that was a fun one to explain to my parents). I ended up taking that out and letting it heal though (and I do have a scar from it, so think very, very carefully about piercings before you get them). And the grabby baby put an end to all dangling earrings and hoops in my nose. I now exclusively wear studs in all of the piercings that I have.

    not enough makeup? - It depends on the person. I think most people look fine without any make-up, but it depends on what the person is comfortable with. If they aren't comfortable going bare-faced, it shows. The same goes for the opposite.

    too pale? - Again, it depends. Some people can pull it off, some look like they are on the brink of death. There was one girl that I knew in college who dyed her hair an odd bluish-green tint. Her skin was almost translucent, and she looked like she was sick all the time. That said, I do live on the beach in an area that is relatively warm year round, so it's very uncommon for me to see people who aren't at least a little bit tan.
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    My hair is coloured blue-like (but only once in a year, so everyone can clearly se my dark-brown original colour), I only wear a small amount of foundation, and I've never once considered to use fake-tan or tan myself in any way at all. I guess I like my pale dead-looking skin, it fits the blueness of my eyes and hair ~ x3

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    I don't fake tan, spray or otherwise. I have a medium tone skin, it's pretty pale in winter and I get tan quickly with little sun exposure. I wouldn't personally want to adjust my skin tone with tanners or anything.

    I have never dyed my hair.

    I wear under eye concealor and mascara on a daily basis, sometimes eyeliner and a bit of shadow. I don't think I wear much makeup, sometimes I wish I was more creative in that aspect.
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    I don't fake tan and in my home of all native blood and my Finnish back ground I look like a ghost. I don't have any tattoo yet but I will be getting one after I am done have babies with all the names. I wore make before but now don't in less is a special date night except mascara with blonde eyelash I have to or is looks like I don't have eye lashes ( till I got pregnate I use to have them dyed).

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