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    Middle name for Fiametta ______ Jane (family name)

    Looking for something earthy or old lady ish... Along the lines of lotus or Edith...
    Fiametta _______ Jane
    Ideas?! I'm due Friday! Thanks!

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    Fiametta Fleur Jane
    Fiametta Amaryllis Jane
    Fiametta Delphine Jane
    Fiametta Magnolia Jane
    Fiametta Marguerite Jane
    Fiametta Posey Jane
    Fiametta Violet Jane
    Fiametta Lilac Jane
    Fiametta Beatrice Jane
    Fiametta Louise Jane
    Fiametta Virginia Jane
    Fiametta Alice Jane
    Fiametta Pearl Jane
    Fiametta Eloise Jane
    Fiametta Penelope Jane
    Fiametta Adelaide Jane
    Fiametta Evelyn Jane
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    Oh, I love isabellemarie's suggestions of

    Fiametta Fleur
    Fiametta Delphine
    Fiametta Lilac
    Fiametta Pearl

    Also add
    Fiametta Iris
    Fiametta Nell
    Fiametta Frances
    Fiametta Esther
    Fiametta Clara
    Fiametta Lilian

    ps can you tell me a little about the name Fiametta? I've never heard it before and it intrigues me.

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    Earthy and old ladyish? How about Fiametta Opal Jane?
    Trying, trying, trying

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    I think it shouldn't be too elaborate but rather more simple or it will make jane look bad. Personally i find Fiametta a bit too foreign to use in an english speaking country, what if you named her that but called her 'Etta'? (which i think is really pretty!)
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