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    WDYT of my combos?

    Recently I've gone through my favourites list, renewing and adding to it and have come up with these combinations:

    Arabella Verity
    Clara Emmanuelle
    Electra Liesel (Lee-suhl)
    Flora Severine
    Ginevra Mallory
    Lavinia Felicity
    Rosalie Vasilisa

    Benedict Peter
    Dimitri Jasper
    Dominic Christian
    Henry Fox
    Oscar Nathaniel
    Spencer Nicholas
    Theodore Dean

    What do you think of them?
    Do you have any more suggestions for me?
    Which do you think would work as sbsets?

    Thank you x
    Lily Alice

    Arabella Verity, Clara Emanuelle, Esther Juliet, Flora Severine, Lavinia Felicity & Rosalie Vasilisa
    Benedict Dean, Dominic Peter, Spencer James & Theodore Michael

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    Arabella Verity - Arabella is charming, Verity isn't my favourite, so I'm not overly fond of the combo but the names do work together
    Clara Emmanuelle - Clara (clah-ra) is absolutely darling, but, same as above, Emmanuelle is just not for me
    Electra Liesel (Lee-suhl) - Electra is a tad too bold for me, Liesel is lovely, the combo is a bit of a name-style clash as the names are very different to me
    Flora Severine - I adore Flora, Severine is not my style either as, like Emmanuelle, it's still very masculine to me
    Ginevra Mallory - as with Electra Liesel, the styles seem to clash (not as much, though), Ginevra is very vintage still and Mallory has this unisex/surname-y vibe that sounds very modern to my ears
    Lavinia Felicity - a lovely combo, both names are very pretty and I especially like Lavinia
    Rosalie Vasilisa - Love Rosalie but Vasilisa is a bit too complicated for my liking

    Benedict Peter - nice, classic combo
    Dimitri Jasper - very different styles, again, but Jasper compliments Dimitri (instead of clashing with it)
    Dominic Christian - again, very nice and classic
    Henry Fox - I love Henry and Fox is sweet as a nickname but (on here) it feels like the new go-to middle name if you want to be different (which is not bad, but I've seen Fox a bit too much lately)
    Oscar Nathaniel - lovely combo, I love Oscar and Nathaniel compliments it very well
    Spencer Nicholas - I'm not too fond of Spencer (it sounds a tad too modern for me) but it works well with Nicholas
    Theodore Dean - Theodore is very handsome, Dean isn't for me but work fine with Theodore but doesn't really "add" to the name (in my opinion of course)

    Arabella, Lavinia and Benedict
    Flora, Henry & Oscar
    Clara, Rosalie & Theodore
    Ginevra, Flora and Theodore
    Electra & Spencer
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    Arabella Verity - pretty but too frilly for my taste
    Clara Emmanuelle - love Clara, and this is a nice combo. maybe blends together a bit? maybe Clara Verity or Clara Felicity, or Clarisse Emmanuelle nn Clara.
    Electra Liesel (Lee-suhl) - Electra just makes me think of the Bond villain and psychological complex, and is a bit of a stripper name on top of that. I prefer Elettra.
    Flora Severine - love!
    Ginevra Mallory - neither of these names work for me and they don't seem to flow togheter
    Lavinia Felicity - really like Felicity but not Lavinia
    Rosalie Vasilisa - hmm, like these individually but not sure together - what about Rosalie Verity?

    Benedict Peter - like Benedict, but Peter's a bit boring, pretty nice combo though
    Dimitri Jasper - Jasper's nms, but I like Dimitri.
    Dominic Christian - not bad
    Henry Fox - very stylish
    Oscar Nathaniel - don't mind Oscar but I hate Nathaniel, sorry
    Spencer Nicholas - I like it
    Theodore Dean - pretty nice

    Sibsets (a bit tricky because your girl's names are much fancier than your boy's names - Lavinia and Spencer or Arabella and Oscar don't really go together for example):

    Clara Emmanuelle and Benedict Peter
    Flora Severine, Rosalie Vasilissa, and Henry Fox

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    Arabella Verity - I love this. Both names match very nicely. I love Ara- names, but hate -bella this case though, Ara wins. Verity is okay, middle name only imo which you have done. I really like this combo!
    Clara Emmanuelle - I love Clara but I wouldn't have paired it with Emmanuelle. My combo at the minute for Clara is Clara Rhianwen. I dont think that Clara and Emmanuelle match for some reason.
    Electra Liesel (Lee-suhl) - Electra is a little false to me. It makes me think of electric - a thing not a name, and Carmen Electra - not a good association imo! I like Liesel, though I would say Lie-easl.
    Flora Severine - Flora is a little flowery to me but still pretty. I dont like Severine though. I think of Severus Snape and that makes me think of evil..and it also sounds like a boys name to me.
    Ginevra Mallory - I LOVE Mallory...really dislike Ginevra though. I reminds me of Genevieve - which was the dog in Madeline so it makes me think of a dog..and it sounds like Jennifer - which I have bad association with.
    Lavinia Felicity - Its okay... I like both names a little, just not together
    Rosalie Vasilisa - Rosalie is very pretty...I have no idea what Vasilisa is...some kind of Vaseline maybe?

    Benedict Peter - I like this combo...not a huge fan of either name but they go nicely together
    Dimitri Jasper - Demetri would be nicer...Demetri Jasper is LOVELY
    Dominic Christian -Hmm...not sure sorry
    Henry Fox - I like this!
    Oscar Nathaniel - LOVE this!
    Spencer Nicholas - I like these...prefer Nicholas but they work well
    Theodore Dean - Theodore is lovely...its okay with Dean but I would probably use something different
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