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    Names not listed on Nameberry

    This is a wonderful baby name website . I love it. But I've noticed a few names aren't listed. I'm sure it's because they are super rare. I'd love to hear the names other ppl have noticed aren't listed on NB.

    Here are mine:

    Saphronia- female ancestor

    Jaquita- female ancestor

    Didema- female ancestor


    Clarcie- pronounced Claire-see great aunt

    Marilda-great grandmothers sister

    Greenway - great great grandfather
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    Proserpine and Proserpina
    (now posting as katinka)

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    Friday! They've got all the other days but not this. It's an old family name and I'd love to see it here!
    Currently loving a mix of family honor and cultural (African-American) honor names:

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    There is already a really, really long and extensive thread about this in the 'All About Nameberry' section of the forum.
    It's usually unhelpful to ask for names to be added, but if you want these names in the database, that's the place to go. I actually wish we could get updates about when they add new names and which ones they're adding, but it's notoriously hard to get information about site administration stuff that affects the users. (I'm thinking of the prolonged downtime due to maintenance last autumn for example, a bit of a warning would have been very appropriate and not hard at all!)
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    My cousins name, Tyfenn, isnt on here. Its pronounced Tee-FENN and is Breton
    Sienna, Clara, Annalise, Lydia, Elara, Lila, Dakota, Leonie, Eisley, Perrie, Cleo, Emerie, Talia, Zara

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