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    Is Your Maiden Name Usable?

    I wouldn't use mine BUT I love Baxter whose MEANING is my actual maiden name. I always thought that was neat. And I love the nn Bax.

    How about yours? Your mother's? Maternal grandmother's?

    Doyle and Crawford are mine. I would use them as middles. Especially since the Doyle line ended. My grandparents had seven children, but only one son and he had all daughters!
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    My maiden name is still my name, but we considered it as a middle before we had children at all and were just discussing names.

    My surname is one of those old goodies that used to be masculine decades ago but are now almost exclusively thought of as female -as in Ashley and Meredith-.

    In the end we decided that it was a bit corny for our taste. We chose instead to include my surname on the children's surnames via hyphen and we are quite happy with that.

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    Mine is Howard. It's usable for a child and Howie is a cute nickname but I don't think I would ever use it. I can be sentimental so I won't use definitives.

    My mothers maiden name is beyond unusable.

    My maternal grandmother's maiden name is Lovely. Honestly, I'd like to use it as a middle name. People toss it around as a possibility for a girl in my family but they've never had the guts to use it. The grandmother who had it was the one I was named for as well. I think it would be a nice way to tie together the names.
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    My own maiden name is one of those clunky two-syllable Jewish names in the style of Goldberg, Birnbaum, Greenman, etc. Not terribly attractive as a given name on either a girl or a boy.

    My middle name *is* my mother's maiden name. It's a 'real name' for boys. I don't plan to use it but I could if I wanted to. On a BOY, preferably.

    A last name further back/out in my family tree is Imber (which means 'ginger' in Yiddish) I sort of like it as a girl's name but it's definitely not common. It's reminiscent of Amber/Ember/Esther and I like it.

    My husband's grandmother's maiden name was Cavanaugh, which I don't hate for a boy.

    Two last names that have been recommended to us to use by our moms are Tucker and McKenna, both of which are becoming popular as given names and which we don't like. One's from my side and one's from his, so I'm not being biased.

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    my maiden name, Quinn, is completely useable. Although I'm not sure if we will be fitting it into any of our children's names. If I did, I think i would prefer to use it for a son's middle name.

    My middle name, Brannon, is my maternal grandmother's maiden name, and will be used as our first born son's first name.

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