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    Would These Twins Work?

    So last night I had my Nana and Grandad and my other Grandma and Grandad over for dinner and we were all discussing names (My Nana and I mainly) and she was saying how much she loves Scottish names (She is full Scottish and I'm a quarter Scottish) and for siblings we were think like Macaulay and Mackenzie my Nana and I thought they sounded adorable together! What do you guys think? Would they make great fraternal twins (A boy and a girl) or not?
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    They are very matchy, far too matchy for my tastes. In my opinion, twins deserve to be named like any other siblings. They already have to grow up sharing so much, it's important I feel to recognise with their names that they are two individuals, not just two parts of a 'set'. For that reason I would personally pick one or the other and find something a bit more distinct for the other name.
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    Too matchy for me. Also Mackenzie was a boy's name first, so that could get confusing.
    Macaulay and Kenzie might work instead. There are lots of lovely Scottish names for girls.
    Use Macaulay - it's awesome! Maybe find a different girl's name.

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    It's not as bad as some I've heard before but it's definitely in the matchy-twins-too-cute category for me. I like pp suggestion: McCauley & Kenzie. It's clearer that one of them is a girl but it clearly links them with a Scottish theme.
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    I think they're too matchy. Sorry..
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