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    Patrick without Pat and Betsy without Elizabeth?

    Two names I have always loved are Patrick and Betsy. I love love love Patrick in it's entirety and HATE the nickname Pat. Thanks SNL. Can Patrick ever be used without Pat being the inevitable nickname? I think I already know the answer to this question, but an opinion would definitively help me put the final nail in this coffin. *sigh* I also like Elizabeth, but it has already been used by a close relative. However, it's the nickname Betsy that I really adore. Can Betsy be used for any other names? Is it enough of a name to stand alone? So far I haven't seen it used for anything except Elizabeth. I figured if anyone knew an alternative it would be Berries. Thanks!

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    I used to teach a Betsy and that was her full name. Its quite popular in England along with Betty at the moment. My cousin is Patrick and is a Patrick. Hes 23 and its never been shortened....yet!!

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    from being a fan of show lost girl there is a patrick on there and he gets called 'trick' < i like that way of shortening the name patrick more than pat xx
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    Patrick: I don't think it'd ever get shortened to Pat without someone first introducing themself as 'Pat'. Pat feels like a bit of an old man name now anyway, definitely not one I would immediately shorten Patrick to. And I know a load of Patricks who go by just Patrick and have never had their name shortened. It's perfectly fine on its own and not nearly as susceptible to nicknames as Benjamin and Alexander, for instance.

    Betsy: Agreed with e11aboo- Betsy is quite common as a stand alone name in England at the moment. I think it's fine on its own, but I guess it could also be a nn (at a stretch) for Lilibet, Bethany, Bethan, Elsbeth, Libby...
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    I have known several Patricks and only one of them ever went by Pat.
    I have a cousin named Betsy, and while she was little it was adorable but now that she is in her early twenties it sounds too little girl to me. She likes it though. (only thing she ever hated was being called Betsy Wetsy)
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