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    short generations CAF

    LN: Scott, Griffith, Vargas, London, Quiad, Williams

    DH: FN- | MN- [65]
    DW: FN- | MN- [62]
    (maiden name= Keats, Nixon, O'Donnell, Puck, Bowen, Burton)

    DD: FN- | MN- [33]
    DS: FN- | MN- [31]
    DD: FN- | MN- [28]


    LN: Blackwell, Simpson, Yeardley, Oberon, Coltrane, Darrow
    DD: [33]
    DH: FN- | MN- [34]
    DS: FN- | MN- [2]
    DD: FN- | MN- [6months]

    DS: [31]
    DW: FN- | MN- [27]
    (maiden name= Hill, Noble, Elson, Turner, Penn, Murphy)
    DD: FN- | MN- [18months]
    DS/DS: FN- | MN- mom's maiden name / FN- | MN- dad's first name [expecting]

    LN: Foster, Theron, Ross, Stewart, Hopper, Gable
    DD: [28]
    DH: FN- | MN-
    DD or DS: FN- | MN- or FN- | MN- [expecting] (you can do both genders or just pick one!)

    Jane Cosima | Jude Caspian

    Fiona*Thea*Gwyneth*Alice*Evangeline*Bridget*Lucy*M aren*Faye*Rosalind*Naomi
    {middle names}Lotus~Athena~Annika~Eleanor
    {honor middles}Florence~Constance~Lorraine
    Oren*Lars*Bram*Griffin*Nolan*Otis*Dylan*River*Pier ce*Asher*Rhett
    {middle names}Drake~Caspian~Caius~Penn
    {honor middles}Wolf~Edward/Edmund~August

    ⛄️🎄⛄️🎄⛄️🎄⛄️🎄⛄️🎄 ⛄️🎄⛄️🎄⛄️🎄
    Carly Beth
    | married 5.17.14 |
    counting down to ttc: 16 months!
    Pup- Lola Bear

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    DH: Benedict Ezekiel Williams [65]
    DW: Etta Florence Williams (nee. Burton) [62]
    -DD: Elena Georgie Williams [33]
    -DS: Roan Chase Williams [31]
    -DD: Stella Juliet Williams [28]


    DD: Elena Georgie Blackwell (nee. Williams) [33]
    DH: Mateo Reeve Blackwell [34]
    -DS: Oliver Quentin Blackwell [2]
    -DD: Adelaide Susanna Blackwell [6months]


    DS: Roan Chase Williams [31]
    DW: Layla Ruth Williams (nee. Turner) [27]
    -DD: Iris Molly Williams [18months]
    -DS/DS: Roman Turner & Lowell Roan Williams [expecting]


    DD: Stella Juliet Hopper (nee. Williams) [28]
    DH: Gideon Everett Hopper [29]
    DD or DS: Matilda Beatrix Hopper OR Atticus William Hopper [expecting]

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    LN: London

    DH: Nicodemus Malachi [65] (Nico)
    DW: Eugenia Imogen [62]
    (MN: Puck)

    DD: Vivienne Ruby [33]
    DS: Finnegan Castor [31]
    DD: Juliet Evangeline [28]


    LN: Blackwell
    DD: [33]
    DH: Cillian Roan [34]
    DS: Rufus Quentin [2]
    DD: Adelaide Magnolia [6months] (Lady)

    DS: [31]
    DW: Hazel Elizabeth [27]
    (MN: Noble)
    DD: Lyra Felicity [18months]
    DS/DS: Roman Noble and Emerson Finnegan [expecting]

    LN: Gable
    DD: [28]
    DH: Sirius Zeno
    DD or DS: Philippa Jessamine or Holden Arthur [expecting] (Pippa)

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    LN: Griffith

    DH: Crispin Oliver [65]
    DW: Phoebe Odette (O'Donnell) [62]

    DD: Pennelope Windy *Poppy* [33]
    DS: Jethro Napoleon [31]
    DD: Simone Estella *Simi* [28]


    LN: Darrow
    DD: Pennelope Windy *Poppy* [33]
    DH: Ori Eames [34]
    DS: Jonah Quest [2]
    DD: Esmee Leora [6months]

    DS: Jethro Napoleon [31]
    DW: Hazel Love (Noble) [27]
    DD: Ciel Mckenna [18months]
    DS/DS: Maxwell Noble *Max* / Lincoln Jethro *LJ* [expecting]

    LN: Theron
    DD: Simone Estella *Simi*[28]
    DH: Dean Atticus
    DD or DS: Maisie Isabeau or Jude Livingstone [expecting]
    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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    LN: Scott

    DH: Maxen Oliver [65]
    DW: Madeline Elenora O'Donnell [62]

    DD: Hannah Renee [33]
    DS: Finn Maximus [31]
    DD: Ivy Carmela [28]


    LN: Blackwell
    DD: Hannah Renee [33]
    DH: Dimitri Roman [34]
    DS: Austin Quincy [2]
    DD: Eloise Josephine [6months]

    DS: Finn Maximus Scott [31]
    DW: Hailey Ann Turner [27]
    DD: Lyra Cecile [18months]
    DS/DS: Cody Turner & Autry Finn [expecting]

    LN: Stewart
    DD: Ivy Carmela [28]
    DH: Nicolas Thoreau [28]
    DD or DS: Annabel Linden OR Auden George [expecting]

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