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    Alphabet CAF using Top 500 names of 1914

    DW: Anna, Alice, Agnes, Alma, Ada
    MN: Beatrice, Bertha, Bernice, Betty, Blanche

    DH: Charles, Clarence, Carl, Chester, Clayton
    MN: Donald, David, Daniel, Dean, Dominic

    DD (14): Elizabeth, Evelyn, Edna, Estelle, Eleanore
    MN: Frances, Florence, Flora, Fannie, Fern

    DS/DD (12): George, Gerald, Gordon, Gus, Grant and Hazel, Hannah, Harriet, Hallie, Helena
    MN: Irvin, Ira, Isaac, Irwin, Isiah and Josephine, Julia, Jessie, Jane, Janet

    DD (11): Katherine, Kathleen, Katie, Kathryn, Katharine
    MN: Lillian, Louise, Lucy, Leona, Lottie

    DS (9): Michael, Mark, Martin, Max, Matthew
    MN: Nathan, Nelson, Noel, Neil, Nicholas

    DS (7); Oscar, Oliver, Otto, Owen, Olin
    MN: Paul, Peter, Phillip, Patrick, Percy

    DD (5): Ruth, Rae, Ruby, Rowena, Rosalie
    MN: Sarah, Stella, Sylvia, Sophie, Susan

    DD/DD (3): Thelma, Theresa, Tillie, Tessie, Thommie and Willie, Winona, Winifred, Winnie, Willa
    MN: Virginia, Viola, Veronica, Vivian, Violet and Yetta, Yolanda, Yvonne
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    My answers:

    DW: Anna Beatrice

    DH: Charles Dominic

    DD (14): Eleanore Flora

    DS/DD (12): Grant Isaac and Hallie Jane

    DD (11): Katie Louise

    DS (9): Max Nathan

    DS (7); Oliver Percy

    DD (5): Ruby Sylvia

    DD/DD (3): Tessie Veronica and Willa Yvonne

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    DW: Anna Beatrice

    DH: Charles Dominic

    DD (14): Eleanore Frances *Nora*

    DS/DD (12): Gus Irvin & Hazel Janet

    DD (11): Katherine Lucy *Lucy*

    DS (9): Max Nathan

    DS (7); Otto Percy

    DD (5): Ruby Stella

    DD/DD (3): Tillie Veronica & Winnie Yolanda
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