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    I like Severine, Aurora and Magdalene (or just Magda) with Vesper.

    Edit: I just saw the above suggestion of Cosima and I think that's perfect! Or another starry name: Estelle.
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    Vivienne, Aurora, Odette and Iris are my favorites off your list.
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    We also have a Vesper who is expecting a little sibling in the next few months. We have Petra and Verity on our list, too! Have you considered Aurelia? It's another solidly Latin name which sounds similar to Aurora.

    We don't get Bond references very often. Sadly, what we do get is "why'd you name yet kid after a motorcycle?" Alas, they constantly hear Vespa *facepalm*

    Good luck!

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    How about Verily? Biblical - meaning truthfully. Or maybe Mercy?
    I also really like Vesper and Aurora.

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    Vesper ... spunky. Female but not girly. Bold and word-like. So I like


    I'd say don't use more "V" names. Let that be Vesper's thing since that's what makes her name so feminine and all the other V names are super feminine. But at the same time, if you love another name, don't NOT pick it because her sister has Vesper.

    Odette, for example would be very unexpected and you might like having a different sounding name.

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