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    Thomas and Lucy I think.
    Whilst they're not horrible names, they're completely not my style!

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    The other half says that he wouldn't want to name a child without seeing the baby first, so he agreed to give me three/four choices for each gender:

    Joseph, Edward or Edmund, Walter

    Annora, Rose or Rosemary, Allison

    I actually really like his choices, except I probably wouldn't use Joseph, Edward or Rose due to popularity & Allison is a little dated (but I do love the nickname Allie). We're also in total agreement on middle names; two and using family/virtue names. However, he did point out that we've influenced each other a lot by discussing names for the last 3 years or so. I love Annora and Walter partly because he loves them, and he loves Edmund and Rosemary partly because I do. Hopefully, this means it won't be too hard to name a baby when the time comes in a couple of years though!

    Annora Juliet, Elspeth, Verity, Zelda, Josephine, Marianne, Rosemary Constance
    Edmund Henry, Josiah, Gilbert, August, Wesley, Clifford, Hugh Theodore

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkballerina View Post
    If it was totally his choice, it would be Nina for a girl and Charles nn Charlie for a boy. We briefly entertained the idea of both but neither made the short list.
    I absolutely adore Charles with nn Charlie I wish my DH was as keen as it as I am!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreambelievelove View Post
    I absolutely adore Charles with nn Charlie I wish my DH was as keen as it as I am!
    I love Charlie but find Charles quite stuffy and overly formal..This is the sole reason it didn't make the short list!

    Mama to Amelie Clara (2008) & Daisy Madeline (2013).

    Lucy, Ivy, Maya, Rosabel, Victoria, Alice, Molly, Juliet, Annabel, Sofia.
    Charlie, Arthur, William, Isaac, Noah, Finn, Vincent, Alexander, Zachary, Oscar.

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    I think now my fiance’s picks are a lot LOT different than they would have been forever we starting discussing baby names. In the beginning the only name he gave me was Ajax for a boy, no girl’s…

    Now his picks are a bit better. For a girl he likes Ellie, Keira, and Ava. I would be absolutely happy with an Ava, despite the popularity. For a boy he really doesn’t have favorites that I haven’t suggested. He loves Alexander and Thomas though, so that’s good for me!

    Alexander Owen ~ Patrick Thomas ~ Jack ~ Mark ~ Conor ~ Nolan ~ Ian ~ Vincent ~ Caleb
    Nora ~ Claire ~ Stella ~ Madeleine ~ Ava ~ Soleil ~ Gabrielle ~ Leah

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