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    Henry would have been Nicholas and Julia would have been Julia or Stephanie. Sooo glad I was able to talk him out of Nicholas! Julia wasn't my first (or second) choice but I compromised since I got to use my first choice for Henry.
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    You know, I don't know. I don't think he knows, either. I've asked him to identify names that he likes before, just so I can get a sense of his style, and he has quite literally come up with nothing on several occasions. He once said that he used to like the name "Adam" as a kid, but that's my brother's name, so I'm certain that he wouldn't use it. The only other names that he has said he likes that are not now on my list are Audrey and Zoe (which he likes written as Zoë).

    I think he might choose something like this:

    Malcolm - he likes the silent 'l,' and I know he's liked this name for a long time
    Rory - we recently added this to our list, and today he sent me an email that said only: "Hi Rory is a cute name "
    Cormac - I think he goes hot and cold on it, but I honestly can't think of anything else he likes

    Athena - he went to elementary school with one and always thought it was a cool name
    Ramona - yesterday I told him I decided I'd come around on Ramona and he seemed really adorably happy
    Zoë - he particularly likes the - what's the right term here? - diaeresis? umlaut? trema?

    The only one I don't think I'd use is Zoe. I used to like it, but it's popular. It's also too close to the very grating Chloe/Khloe.
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    Oh dear, I can't imagine! My husband would probably choose Rachel for a girl and Samuel for a boy. Not terrible names, but I think I can do better!
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    When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband suggested, Shay, Ashley, and Michelle. I just kind of looked at him and said Shhhh. I didn't really ask him for any more suggestions. I only asked him to say yes or no to my suggestions, because I knew I was going to say no to all of his.
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    He'd want David and Matthew for our sons, Anne and Emily for our daughters. Fine names, but I'm not too interested in any of them.
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