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    Names for new cat

    Hi everyone! We are getting an older kitten/young cat probably between the ages of 6 months- 1 year old. We are getting the cat next month so there's no rush on a name for the kitty. We might get a boy or girl but we're still deciding so I have a list of boy and girl names. I just want to know if you like any names in particular, name suggestions similar to these names, if you think I should cut out any names, if you don't like any names,...etc. Thank you!

    Boys- Tigger nn Tig, Charlie, Toby, Chester, Milo, Spike, Louis or Lewis?, Scout, Jackson nn Jack, Stanley nn Stan, Spud
    Girls- Brooklyn nn Brook, Daisy, Jade, Keira, Lola, Basil, Meredith, Juliette, Abby, Jillian nn Jill/Jillie, Violet
    Girls*- Violet, Anastasia, Rosalyn, Jersey, Ivory, Samantha, Elsa, Carly, Elaina, Ella, Lucy, Genevieve, Juliette, Scarlett, Madeline, Paisley, Becka, Maleia, Sage, Anise, Jade, Estelle, Serenity
    Boys*- Xavier, William, Clayton, Tucker, Sawyer, Leonardo nn Leo, Ansel, Zander, Russel, Ezra, Finn, Henry, Roland, Montague, Mathieu, Charles

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