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Thread: Huck?

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    For some reason I really dig Huck. Though I'm not sure it's a name that can stand on its own. That said, I don't really like Huckleberry as a longer version.

    1 –*What kind of kid do you think of when you hear the name?
    2 – What longer alternatives can you think of that would work w/ Huck as a nn?
    3 –*Are there any other names similar in style that you could suggest?

    Thanks so much!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    haha, I think of Huck from Scandal, and, of course, Huckleberry Finn. I think of an adventurous little boy with convictions, maybe a little bit of a loner. Sort of a combination of the two Hucks, haha.


    Henry "Huck"
    Hawthorne "Huck"
    Huxley "Huck"

    Henry's my favorite in general, but for the nn Huck, I like Huxley best.

    Good luck!
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    Huck would definitely be Southern. He'd be the kind of boy to spend all day playing in the woods with his dog and toy shotgun. I can't think of any intuitive long forms other than Huckleberry; honestly I think you could use Huck as a nickname the same way you'd use Buddy or Buster.

    What about Henry nn Huck?
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    I think it could totally stand on its own, though I would worry about its teasing potential. I do like it though. It reminds me of the names:


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    I don't really have anything productive to say except that I met a baby Huckleberry, nn Huck, about two years ago. I was incredibly skeptical (and excited!) at first, but I was totally won over by the end of our meeting. Huck seemed so natural on that infant. That said, I can't say I would give it as a stand alone first and one would definitely need some gall to pull of Huckleberry! I do like the suggestion of Henry.

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