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Thread: Babysitter

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    Jan 2013
    Caitlyn & Carina Christner
    Samuel Christner
    Aurora "Rory" Christner

    Bradey Jones
    Kaylee Jones

    Alexander Fisher

    Hunter Woods
    Alexia Woods
    Carson Woods

    Sofia Murphy
    Holly Murphy
    Kate Murphy

    Madelyn Dotson
    Greyson Dotson

    Nicholas Lowe
    Steven Lowe
    Annie Lowe

    Jenna Hopper
    Noah Hopper
    Marie Hopper

    Caden Dyer
    Taylor Dyer

    Hadley Whitfield
    Xavier Whitfield
    Kyle Whitfield
    Marcus Whitfield
    Sonia Whitfield
    Mason Whitfield
    Leigh Whitfield
    Corey Whitfield

    I did have middle names for some but just couldn't figure it out for others, so sorry about that! I'm also not the most original with names; I like the simple stuff.
    Anastasia Danielle * Kate Madeleine * Cassia Violet * Maison Sofia

    Elias James * Isaac Greyson * Noah Everett * Caelan William

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    teenberry. australia.

    mummy to my perfect angel, william everett.
    always loved, never forgotten.

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    Vancouver, Canada
    1. The Christner' s - Lacey and Julia, Tyler, Laila
    2. The Jones' - Dylan, Sienna
    3. The Fisher's - Patrick
    4. The Woods' - Micah, Camilla, Ryder
    5. The Murphy's - Taylor, Rosie, Mikayla
    6. The Doston's - Rosalie, Kyler
    7. The Lowe's - Thomas "Tom", Liam, George
    8. The Hopper's - Beatrice, Alcott, Morgan
    9. The Dyer's - Parker, Adrian
    10. The Whitfield's - Sofia, Nicolas "Nic", Joseph "Joe", Noah, Lily, Cruz, Eleanor "Nora", Harrison

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    Lethbridge, Alberta
    Girls: Beatrice Emmeline, Clementine Alice, Lana Magnolia, Ellington Briar, Violet Aurelia, Charlotte Ophelia, Evangeline Belle
    Boys: Benedict Gray, August Sebastian, Lysander Quinn, Magnus Roland, Julian Lestat, Mias Vincent, Castiel Sawyer

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