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Thread: Babysitter

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    Maia & Elena Christner
    Elijah Christner
    Cora Christner

    Desmond Jones
    Amelia Jones

    Noah Fisher

    James Woods
    Dorothy Woods
    Trevor Woods

    Millicent Murphy
    Matilda Murphy
    Harriet Murphy

    Juliet Dotson
    Connor Dotson

    Anthony Lowe
    Calvin Lowe
    Megan Lowe

    Charlotte Hopper
    Henry Hopper
    Alice Hopper

    William Dyer
    Maxwell Dyer

    Esther Whitfield
    Malcolm Whitfield
    Charles Whitfield
    William Whitfield
    Charlotte Whitfield
    Bennet Whitfield
    Elizabeth Whitfield
    Jacob Whitfield

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    You're a babysitter for several families, name the kids.

    1. The 1. The Christner's.You babysit their four kids for them about once a month.
    Violet Jane Christner & Emma Mathilde Christner
    Jackson Ruffus Christner
    Ree Elizabeth Christner

    2. The Jones'. You babysit their two kids every tuesday afternoon.
    Madeline Kaitlyn Jones & Flynn Peter Jones

    3. The Fisher's. You watch their son every now and then when you need extra cash.
    Luca Hudson Fisher

    4. The Woods'. You take their three kids to the park every Wednesday.
    Vincent Archer Wood
    Vivienne Agatha Wood
    Victor Alexander Wood

    5. The Murphy's. Their kids come to the park with you sometimes on Wednesdays.
    Irene Audrey Murphy
    Harlow Rosie Murphy
    Lux Charlotte Murphy

    6. The Dotson's. You sometimes tutor their daughter.
    Caroline Rumi Dotson
    Liam Sebastian Dotson

    7. The Lowe's. They carpool with you to the kids' school.
    Max Joseph Lowe
    Levi Andrew Lowe
    Caleb Elvis Lowe

    8. The Hopper's. You watch their kids some Sunday evenings.
    Emmanuelle Hope Hopper
    James Quentin Hopper
    Harper Isabella Hopper

    9. The Dyer's. They are friends with your kids, so you end up watching them a lot.
    Rainier Lucas Dyer
    Charles Daniel Dyer

    10. The Whitfield's. They have an awfully large family. You end up halling their kids around quite a bit. (some of the kids are adopted)
    Meredith Lana Whitfield
    Roman Theo Whitfield
    Michael Leo Whitfield
    Nathaniel Eric Whitfield
    Rosalie Whitley Whitfield
    Zion Phillip Whitfield
    Nenna Meghan Whitfield
    James Milo Whitfield
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    Rough n Tumble
    Lachlan Alexander
    Evander 'Anders' Alcott - Thatcher William - Peregrine North - Dresden Alasdair

    Pretty in Pink
    Lavender Irie/Alina/Ellen
    Natalie Winter - Adelaide Pearl - Hermione Jane - Corisande Fable - Virginia Joy- Odessa Faye

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    Rhode Island
    Me: Autumn Maria Umberto.

    Husband: Aidan Jacobo Umberto.

    1. Audrey Charlotte Umberto.
    2. Bentley Gale Umberto.
    3. Marissa Paige Umberto.

    1. Agnes Rose Christner.
    2. Reagan Marie Christner.
    3. Cullen James Christner.
    4. Anya Jane Christner.

    1. Edward Micheal Jones.
    2. Esme Marianne Jones.

    1. Charles Jerome Fisher.

    1. Theo Jacob Woods.
    2. Julia Danyelle Woods.
    3. Finn Thomas Woods.

    1. Flora Kristine Murphy.
    2. Rae Evangeline Murphy.
    3. Carmen Mari Murphy.

    1. Mia Elizabeth Dotson.
    2. Lucas Mason Dotson.

    1. Matthew John Lowe.
    2. Noah Kyle Lowe.
    3. Valentina Jocelyn Lowe.

    1. Leah Rosette Hopper.
    2. Rex Bruno Hopper.
    3. Helen Joyce Hopper.

    1. Quentin Peter Dyer.
    2. Justin Philip Dyer.

    1. Amelia Jocelyne Whitfield.
    2. William Jack Whitfield.
    3. Quintin Jonathan Whitfield.
    4. Reagan Joseph Whitfield.
    5. Hattie Josephine Whitfield.
    6. Robin Joshua Whitfield.
    7. Margery Janelle Whitfield.
    8. Tom Jeremy Whitfield.

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