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    Choosing names from other cultures?

    What are your thoughts on choosing names from outside of your ethnic, linguistic or religious group?

    Would you choose to do it?

    For parents who have done it, have you received any negative responses?

    Would you consider borrowing names from some cultures to be more acceptable than borrowing from others? If so, why?

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    I grew up in a very international environment (as did my SO), so choosing names from different cultures feels like a reasonable option.
    I do think it helps to a name from a culture you have a strong association with. It could be family heritage or that you studied abroad in that country. For example: it might be weird for me as a German-American whose never been to Japan and have no link to the country for me to choose a name like Yuki (f meaning "happiness" or "snow").

    However, I think that's a very personal decision and that what your "name loves" are are more important than anything else.
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    I think it's ok.

    We chose Allegra for Willow's name, but neither of us is Italian, or has ties to Italy. We loved it, and the meaning, so we used it.

    We used Veda, even though neither of us is Indian, or Hindu. We talked about if we should/could use a religious name, from a religion we aren't a part of, and I think we did so knowing as much as we could about it.

    And Veda's middle name, Juliette, we used instead of Juliet, because that's the spelling I prefer. Although, I do speak french, and love french names, so this was no big deal, really.

    I think it would be a very narrow name pool that any of us could draw names from if we had to choose them from only our heritage/religious background.

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    I'm mostly in favor of embracing names from other cultures (I absolutely adore Malika and Chihiro, for example), but I think you have to tread extremely carefully when choosing one. Anything overtly religious is pushing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknamezyo View Post
    I think you have to tread extremely carefully when choosing one. Anything overtly religious is pushing it.
    I do agree with this. I mean, would I choose Cohen? Never, because I know that it is offensive to Jewish people. With Veda, the most we've gotten is, "how did you come up with that?" It seems that sometimes they expect me to say that we heard it in My Girl. Or maybe that's just the impression that I get because I had several people ask if we got Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, when we've never watched it.

    I would use Solomon, but not Shlomo. I would use Keeva, but not Caoimhe. I think it comes down to what you're comfortable with, and how much you like the name.

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