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View Poll Results: Eleanor vs Louisa vs Josephine

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  • Eleanor Mae

    40 33.33%
  • Louisa Mae

    43 35.83%
  • Josephine Mae

    37 30.83%
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    I really like Louisa Mae- like @mischa said, it has an old world charm. Josephine and Eleanor are nice, but I don't like them as much as Louisa with Annabelle.

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    I voted for Louisa. It isn't in the top 1000 yet, and it needs to be! It feels fresher than Eleanor and Josephine as well.
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    Love Louisa Mae!! And I feel like Annabelle and Louisa were just meant to be sisters!! I'm familiar with the Beverly Hillbillies, but unless you're going to call her Louisa Mae all the time, I strongly believe it does not give off that vibe. Even if you ARE going to call her Louisa Mae ... I don't know, I just don't make that association.

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    I think they are all great! Eleanor Mae is so sweet and I love it with Annabelle, they just sound like they should be sisters! It doesn't give me a beverly hillbillies vibe at all, it is classy and charming. Louisa Mae is old school and pretty, but I do think of Louisa May Alcott (not a bad association at all, though). I have always loved Josephine. It sounds great with Annabelle, too (although I think I like Eleanor with Annabelle just a little more). Josephine is sweet and sophisticated, with a number of spunky and cute nicknames. Honestly, you can't really go wrong with any of them. I can't wait to hear what you ultimately decide!

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    Love Louisa Mae- so pretty and feminine. An adorable nn could be Lula-Mae.
    Never been a fan of Josephine as it's a male origin of Joseph is too boyish to me.
    I really dislike Eleanor, despite it's popularity. All I hear is "Gnaw".
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