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    Name vs Name Girls

    I havent seen this done on here yet but I saw it on another site and it was so fun! So you pretty much copy and pasta the list below bolding your winner for each and then putting those winner up against each other.


    Wendy vs Fiona
    Reed vs Jade

    and then you would but Wendy and Jade up against each other until you have a winner

    Olivia vs Penelope
    Victoria vs Elizabeth
    Quinn vs Tammy
    Jasmine vs Alice
    Lola vs Dahlia
    Noelle vs Violet
    Kinsey vs Gwen
    Birdie vs Kitty
    Bonnovie vs MaryAnne
    Lisa vs Tyra
    Piper vs Poppy
    Vivien vs Tawny
    Pauline vs Zinnia
    Ellen vs Carmen
    Yvette vs Cassandra
    Charity vs Blair
    Susanne vs June
    Flora vs Betsy
    Alicia vs Audrey
    Rowan vs Hollie

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    Adira Michelle

    Favorite twin combos: Jasper & Aurora, Lincoln & Amanda, Hugo & Narcissa, Theodore & Natalia, Faron & Nebraska

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