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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    Princess: Rapunzel
    Prince: Flynn

    How many children do they have? 9

    Roll for gender and age. Children with the same age are multiples.

    Child #1 Carlos Chance
    Age: 14

    Child#2 Emilia Belle
    Age: 12

    Child #3 Felix Reed
    Age: 10

    Child # 4 Hazel Gaia
    Age: 9

    Child #5 Twin B|G - Marco Shale | Sofia Maple
    Age: 7

    Child #6 girl: Portia Scarlet
    Age: 5

    Child #7 Orion Raoul
    Age: 4

    Child # 8 Violetta Pearl
    Age: 3

    Child # 9 Marius Barnaby
    Age: 1

    Corbin the dog
    D&R [Est..'07].♡
    B.A.R ['08] & L.F.A ['10] ♡

    Sawyer~ Greyson~ Beau~ Phoenix~ Jensen~ Spencer ~Harrison~ Xavier~ Jaxon~ Seth~ Wade
    Kairi ~Peyton Alana ~Talia ~Jade~ Piper~ Emerie/Emery~ Madicyn ~Paige ~Cassidy~ Piper ~Ellisse

    GP's-Chyler Delaney Winter Kiyomi / Kai[Kye] Rocco Alaric Wyatt Logan Mitchell Cooper Levi Harrison
    His GP's- Xander, Xzavier, Niklaus, Elijah, Jaxon, Chase, Caius, Jensen, Phoenix, Seth

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    Princess: Belle
    Prince: Adam (the Beast)

    How many children do they have? 6

    Roll for gender and age. Children with the same age are multiples.

    Child #1: Elisabeth Story
    Age: 9

    Child#2: Isabeau Belle
    Age: 9

    Child #3: Genevieve Celeste
    Age: 7

    Child # 4: Annabel Calliope
    Age: 6

    Child #5: Forest Andre
    Age: 4

    Child #6: Josephine Violet
    Age: 2

    Pet: Choose one or both
    Belle: Dog or Cat

    Name(s): Arthur (dog) and Rowena (cat)

    List Your Disney Princess Family Here: Belle & Adam: Elisabeth, Isabeau, Genevieve, Annabel, Forest and Josephine.

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    Maycomb County, Alabama
    (I took the quiz with this one, but I'm going to do another using the dice. Cool game!)

    Princess: Belle
    Prince: Adam

    DS: Jasper Reed (9)
    DD: Emma Snow (7)
    DS: Ash Francis (6)
    DD: Georgia Thisbe (3)
    DS: Simeon Michael (2)

    Dog: Nico

    Adam and Belle with
    Jasper, Emma, Ash, Georgie, Simeon and Nico
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. India. Jane. Ramona. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Finley. Theodore. Tobias.

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    The Fitzherbert Family

    DW: Rapunzel Fitzherbert
    DH: Eugene Fitzherbert

    DS: [10] Nicolas True Fitzherbert
    DD: [10] Emmeline Belle Fitzherbert
    DD: [5] Amelia Seraphine Fitzherbert
    DD: [5] Violet Aria Fitzherbert
    DS: [10] Flint Christo Fitzherbert
    DS: [7] Colt Moss Fitzherbert

    Rapunzel, Eugene, triplets Nico, Flint, and Emmy, Flint, and twins Amelia & Violet, & their pet chameleon Pascal :P
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