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    WDYT of my latest Top 20?

    1. Christopher
    2. Darcy
    3. Edgar
    4. Emmett
    5. Frederick
    6. Gilbert
    7. Henry
    8. Jack
    9. James
    10. Louis
    11. Luca
    12. Lucian
    13. Marco
    14. Peter
    15. Reed
    16. Remy
    17. River
    18. Thomas
    19. Toby
    20. Wesley

    Boys names are so much harder than girls! Most likely middle name will be James (my husband's name).
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    1. Christopher - ok, a little boring
    2. Darcy - no, no
    3. Edgar - no
    4. Emmett - cute
    5. Frederick - ok
    6. Gilbert - nah
    7. Henry - like ok
    8. Jack - like Jackson better
    9. James - like, like Jameson better though
    10. Louis - nah
    11. Luca - nah
    12. Lucian - nah
    13. Marco - ok
    14. Peter - ok
    15. Reed - ok
    16. Remy - no
    17. River - um, ok
    18. Thomas - simple, ok
    19. Toby - cute, like Tobias better, I think?!
    20. Wesley - like best, I think

    .. Sorry, not as helpful as the girl's list.

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    1. Christopher- its ok
    2. Darcy- not my style
    3. Edgar- ok
    4. Emmett- like it
    5. Frederick- like it!
    6. Gilbert- not my style
    7. Henry- handsome
    8. Jack- overdone around here
    9. James- classic
    10. Louis- nice
    11. Luca- prefer Lucas
    12. Lucian- its ok
    13. Marco- not my style
    14. Peter- classic
    15. Reed- like, prefer the Reid spelling
    16. Remy- cute
    17. River- nice
    18. Thomas- ok
    19. Toby- prefer Tobias
    20. Wesley- like!

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    1. Christopher- It's not a bad name. A bit boring and not my style. But solid nonetheless.
    2. Darcy- I've known several female Darcy's, thus it feels strictly like a female name to my ear.
    3. Edgar- I think I like it a decent amount. Definitely one of my favorite Ed related names (Edwin is cool too).
    4. Emmett- I think this is a great name. Feels like a friendly dude. A bit trendy recently, but still great. Definitely in my top 3 from your list.
    5. Frederick- Eh, not such a fan. I don't like any of the Fred names.
    6. Gilbert- I think it could grow on me. It feels a little stuffy, but not bad.
    7. Henry- It's an okay name. A bit boring for my taste. I can understand why some people like it a lot, but I'm just not one of them.
    8. Jack- Not a fan at all.
    9. James- Okay for a MN since you have a family connection, but not a fan as a FN.
    10. Louis- Great name.
    11. Luca- One of my top 3 from your list.
    12. Lucian- Probably my overall favorite from your list. Great great name. If it didn't go horribly with our last name and sound way to similar to my sister-in-laws (Chinese) name, it'd be high on our list.
    13. Marco- Polo. I'd prefer Marcus. Marco is decent. Marcus is better.
    14. Peter- Never liked it.
    15. Reed- I think it'd be good for a redhead.
    16. Remy- I don't like it at all.
    17. River- I like it quite a bit. Not a name I'd actually use, but I like it when others use it.
    18. Thomas- I think I know more people name Thomas/Tom then any other name.
    19. Toby- Sounds like a NN. Tobin would be decent. Tobias I don't like. Toby by itself sounds incomplete.
    20. Wesley- Not a fan.
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    Out of your names i like Jack, Luca, Reed i prefer Reid, Toby & Wesley

    Remy reminds me of the movie ratatouille
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