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    runcible, deft, weft, sift, silt, pins, thimble, dirndl, bunting, plover, hoarfrost, blunderbuss, igneous, mew, vintner, sloth, slough, duff, pennate, diaphanous, elementary, callipygian, flotsam, sundries, estuary, miasma, portent, aspersions, crockery, daguerreotype, gloaming, sylph, glyph, ravel, ogle, milksop, snorkeler, seething, lustrous, endogenous, muchness, snifter, bedclothes, blue, ostensibly, scuttlebutt, gilded, elver, pike, exsanguinate, defenestrate, festoon, hindrance, bogus, gingerly, nimble, filbert, pilfered, southerly, besotted, smitten, strumpet, minx, floozy, blustery, mugwump, churlish, simpering, zilch, ossuary, tethered, pew, hifalutin, viscosity, peckish, haps, apse, detritus, dither, maw, cloven, cleft, brindled, quilted, nimbus, mitten, mutton, button, bitten, tintype, tendrils, tender, tin, Byzantine, Flemish, tabernacle, altogether, tortoise

    Sorry. I kept going. Kailua! Another person who loves the word "button!" All of your words are just lovely.

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    afterglow, amused, anthem, aquamarine, aquarium, autumn, avalanche, awakening, balloon, beloved, bloom, brave, catalyst, chord, circle, courage, cyclone, dancing, darling, delirium, desire, dewdrop, escape, euphoria, explosion, fairytale, flutterby, fountain, frock, galaxies, genesis, happenstance, happiness, harvest, haunting, honeypot, hummingbird, hymn, kismet, kissing, liberty, lithium, lullaby, luminous, lush, lustrous, nautical, orchard, petticoat, popsicle, recession, sea, serenade, serpent, serpentine, silence, sleep, smokey, surrender, swim, swoon, symphony, thorough, through, thryst, tidal, torch, translucent, treasure, trespasser, twinkle, vineyard, waterfall, watershed, wish, zoology.

    allure, étoile, janvier, pluie, suraneé
    bambina, bambino, bambolotto, carino, fiore, lucentezza, orsacchiotto, tesoro
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    The words I like are so strange haha...

    Eleven, Autumn, mist, seven, April, blossom, captivating, enchanting, mesmerising, believe, love & magical.

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