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    Divergent Factions Name Game!

    Here's how you play.
    So basically you sort out which faction each name belongs to and then give six more names for the next person.

    For example, if I was playing and the last person gave the names Harry, Jonathan, Olivia, Keira and Charlotte, I might do: Jonathan - Abnegation
    Olivia - Amity
    Charlotte - Candor
    Keira - Dauntless
    Harry - Erudite

    Now I'll start and give 5 names to the next person.
    Lily, Sabrina, Nathan, Everett and Peter

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    Apr 2014
    Love this game

    Lily: Amity
    Sabrina: Candor
    Nathan : Abnegation
    Everett: Erudite
    Peter: Dauntless

    Marina, Tayla, Ophelia, Felix and Quiller

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    Nov 2013
    Felix: Erudite
    Ophelia: Candor
    Marina: Amity
    Quiller: Dauntless
    Tayla: Abnegation

    Michelle, Ruby, Claire, Thea and Jay

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    Even though I was the poster I'm gonna join in
    Michelle - Abnegation
    Claire - Candor
    Jay - Amity
    Ruby - Erudite
    Thea - Dauntless

    Lennox, Laura, Lucy, Layton, Lydia

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    Nov 2013
    Lennox: Dauntless
    Laura: Abnegation
    Lucy: Amity
    Layton: Dauntless
    Lydia: Candor

    Rose, Lily, Calla, Forrest and Oak

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