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    Combos CAF with Themed Namebanks and OTT Names #2

    You can change the combos around.

    LN: Your choice

    DW: Accalia Aveline, Salacia Sabine, Proserpina Pauline, Bellona Bernadine (Roman firsts, alliterative -ine middles)
    DW: Maude Rainbow, Thelma Starshine, Inez Moon, Myrtle Blue ("old lady" firsts, "hippie" middles)

    DS: Quigley Zebulon, Quentin Zephaniah, Qasim Zebedee, Quinlan Zadok (Q firsts, Z middles)
    DS: Leofric Anubis, Emeric Osiris, Cedric Thoth, Theodoric Amon (clunky -ric firsts, Egyptian mythology middles)
    DS: Marcello Espen, Alessio Ragnar, Costantin Eero, Niccolo Emil (Italian firsts, Scandinavian middles)
    DD/DD: Edwina Rosabel, Mattea Winterrose, Alberta Rosemarie, Frederica Bellerose/Raphaela Roslyn, Timothea Wildrose, Georgina Rosetta, Amadea Rosaleen (feminized firsts, Rose middles)
    DS: Orville Seraphim, Reginald Fiore, Wilfred Mackenzie, Stanley Inigo ("old man" firsts, fiery middles)
    DD: Dagny Calligenia, Gwen Calanthe, Florrie Caledonia, Liv Pascalie (nickname (or nickname-feeling) firsts, middles that can get to Callie)
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    LN: North

    DW: Bellona Bernadine (Belle)
    DW: Inez Moon

    DS: Quentin Zephaniah
    DS: Cedric Thoth
    DS: Niccolo Emil (Nico)
    DD/DD: Edwina Rosabel and Georgina Rosetta (Winnie and Georgie)
    DS: Stanley Inigo
    DD: Gwen Calanthe

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    LN: Walker
    DW: Accalia Aveline
    DW: Thelma Starshine

    DS: Quinlan Zadok
    DS: Emeric Osiris
    DS: Alessio Ragnar
    DD/DD: Alberta Rosemarie/ Amadea Rosalyn
    DS: Stanley Inigo
    DD: Liv Pascalie

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    DW: Accalia Aveline
    DW: Inez Moon

    DS: Quinlan Zadok
    DS: Emeric Osiris
    DS: Marcello Espen
    DD/DD: Mattea Winterrose/Georgina Rosetta
    DS: Orville Seraphim
    DD: Gwen Calanthe

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