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Thread: Rate my combos?

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    My favourites (in no particular order):
    Elizabeth Arwen - beautiful classic with unexpected, magical middle.
    Minerva Melody - similar contrast to Elizabeth Arwen. Great flow and lovely alliteration.
    Felicity Emma - I agree with pp, love the Jane Austen feel
    Cordelia Vesper - again, love the Shakespearean classic with unusual mn.
    Alethea Willow - has an spritely, ethereal quality.
    Gwendolyn Eva - love both names, and adore Wendy and Gwen.

    If I can play with them a bit:
    Verity Kaia
    Amadea Lucy
    Ariadne Fay
    Luna Beatrix
    Saskia Verity
    juniper jane | adelaide mary | beatrix emma | georgiana lark | elizabeth isolde | sybil rosamund | ingrid annamaria | demelza katherine | elinor loveday | rosamund yvaine | amabel margaret

    edmund alexander | wilfred cromwell | arthur serafino | frederick austen | aloysius rex | emrys sigismund | peregrin samuel | asa hawking | raphael richard | jude falco | caspian francis

    in reserve
    aurelia, clara, estella, harriet, sylvia
    evelyn, james, phoenix, thorin

    mulling over
    anouk // henri

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