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Thread: Rate my combos?

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    Saskia Lucy (nn Kia) - Saskia is ok, Lucy is cute, nice combo, 4,7
    Fay Sakura - Sakura is interesting, dislike Fay, 3,2
    Mavis Linnea (nn Mave or May) - names are ok, 4,2
    Elizabeth Arwen (nn Libby or Libba) - dislike Elizabeth, but I will give it more points because Arwen, 4,3
    Luna Sarai - dislike Sarai, dislike Luna, 2,3
    Gwendolyn Eva (nn Wendi or Gwen) - Dislike Gwendolyn, 2,4
    Kaia Verity (Kaia is kye-uh) - nice one 4,3
    Alethea Willow (nn Thea) combo is awkward, 2,1
    Kyra Megumi (Meh-goo-me) Intersting, 3,9
    Miranda Kelly (Kelly is my mom's name; nn Miri) - boring, but nice, 3,9
    Lucy Amadea - nice one, too, 4,5
    Magnolia Seren (nn Meg) - ok, 3,4
    Cordelia Vesper (nn Cora) - 4,1
    Esla Lillian - you mean Elsa?
    Fiorella Sophie (nn Fia or Ellie) - Fiorella is so nice, 5,00
    Minerva Melody (nn Min or Nuri) - 3,4
    Felicity Emma (nn Lissie, Fia or Fi) - 4,1
    Mei Ariadne - ok, 4,8
    Mira Beatrix - 2,5

    Love Fiorella Spohie.
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    Gwendolyn Eva was on my own preliminary list when we started talking about names, and Vesper is a huge crush of mine lately, so I'm loving Cordelia Vesper. Elizabeth Arwen and Miranda Kelly are also rather lovely. Those are the only combinations I really like as they are. There are other lovely names on your list (like Ariadne, Luna, Lucy, Lillian, Emma, Verity, and Felicity), but I'd like them more if they were paired with different names (or just switched around -- Emma Felicity flows better, as does Ariadne Mei.)
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    My favorites are Saskia Lucy, Elizabeth Arwen, Alethea Willow, and Felicity Emma. You seem to have a classic style with a bit of an enchanted twist, which I love. All four of those combinations flow beautifully!

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    So many of these are excellent, but here are my favorites:

    Fay Sakura
    Elizabeth Arwen
    Gwendolyn Eva
    Kaia Verity
    Alethea Willow
    Miranda Kelly
    Lucy Amadea
    Magnolia Seren
    Cordelia Vesper
    Felicity Emma
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