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    Edith. Iris. Lyra. Violet. Clara. Freya. Alice. Ottilie. Marian. Luella. Beatrice. Anthea. Romilly. Martha. Grace.
    Arthur. Stanley. Felix. Henry. Otto. Samuel. Dexter. Edward. Julian. Nicholas. Ira. Sidney. Winston. Thomas. Gabriel.


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    Ohio, USA

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    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eve - Johanna - Lana - Lena - Sally - Zanna

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    New Zealand
    first two (twin twin boys) William Briar and Edmond Sage
    4 years later
    next two (boy and girl twins) Alistair Hugo and Gwendolen Rosemary
    2 years later
    (six babies!!!)
    4 girls, and 3 boys Abigail Bryony, Lydia Jane, Ruth Kasiani, Rebecca Charity, James Gabriel, Christopher Simon and Kendrew Robin

    Wim, Ned, Alec, Gwen, Gail, Liddie, Rue, Becca, Jem, Kit and Drew.
    Current Favorites:
    Helena, Anna, Gwen, Faye, Ruth, Mary, Lauren, Cordelia, June, Kristina, Serena
    Briar, Daniel, Callum, Reed, Robert, Abel, Raphael, Edwin, Magnus, Eben

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    Wholock | Historian | Biochemist | Single Pringle | Teenberry (16)
    Hoping to be a mummy in the future. Dreaming of
    Caspian Sherlock Walter, Phoenix Arthur Blaise, Ptolemy Alexander Remus, Horatio Albert Louis ✦
    Mister Men

    Pandora Valencia Fae, Demelza Georgiana Clio, Evanthe Sylvia Rosalind, & Beatrix, or Artemis
    Little Misses

    "'Mycroft' is the name you gave me; if you could possibly struggle all the way to the end."
    • Mycroft Holmes • Sherlock (BBC) • His Last Vow •

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    ten kids.. wow

    first two (twin twin boys)
    4 years later
    next two (boy and girl twins)
    2 years later
    (six babies!!!)
    4 girls, and 3 boys

    Harper Scott and Sawyer Hale (8)
    Leo James and Lily Jean (4)

    Anastasia Rose (2)
    Elisabeth Valentina (2)
    Catherine Emma (2)
    Holly Madeline (2)
    Oliver Blake (2)
    George Alexander (2)
    Walter Charles (2)

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