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    Anyone else watch the Shaytards?

    Does anyone else follow the Shaytards vlog on youtube? They're a family with four kids and have just announced they're having another! I don't know any of the middles but the four current kids are Gavin, Avia, Emmi, and Brock. Any ideas on what the fifth kid will be named? They just announced it so I doubt they know the gender yet. Dad is Shay and Mom is Colette. If you haven't seen them you should definitely check them out- such an adorable family!

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    Late seeing this but heck yeah I watch the Shaytards! They are amazing. Sontard's middle name is Shay and Princesstard's is Colette. Not sure about the others.

    I adore the name Avia. Hadn't heard it before Princesstard but it's so cute. And unique, like all their names are (except Gavin I guess).

    Did you hear Rocktard's reveal today? What do you think about Brotard's name?

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    ... Why is it called "Shaytards"? The dad's name is Shay, is the "tard" in reference to "retard"?
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