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Thread: BNG - Long!

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    BNG - Long!

    1) You are 24 years old and have just finished your course of______. You have been dating the guy of your dreams called Ryan Peter _______(last name to suit your name) for 3 years. He has curly brown hair and piercing blue eyes. His best thing personality-wise is that he_______(e.g. is funny, charming, romantic?? etc...). On your 22nd birthday he proposes. You, of course, say ''Yes!!!!! DDD'' and the following ________(season) you are married in a ______(e.g. church, garden, office hotel,... etc..) and your reception is in/at a _______(e.g. hotel, garden, etc...). your honeymoon is in ____ for ___weeks/months.

    2) A year into your happy marriage you are pregnant and 9 months later you give birth to a pair of beautiful twin boys. They have their dad's piercing blue eyes and his lovely dark brown curly hair. You name them _______ and ________.

    3) When the twins are 1 you are expecting again! You give birth to another boy. He too has his dad's eyes, and curly blonde hair. You name him _________.

    4) 2 years later you are pregnant again. You give birth to a dainty little girl who you call _______. She has lovely long, straight, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

    5) just 3 months later you give birth to two final baby girls with your hair and dad's eyes. They are named______ and _______.

    You have a whole family of piercing blue eyes! lovely xD!!!
    6) the years pass and you find that both twins excel in music, drama, and dance. They start a band with their younger brother and their friends. Their band name is ______ and they play mostly _____ type of music. Both twins attend the local drama school and are always in some production or another. Which one plays which part in the band? What instruments do they play? In all other subjects they are reasonably smart. They are the school populars but not big-headed at all; they're nice to everyone! xD

    7) your 3rd boy is a bit of a genius, as well as loving his music. He plays the ______ in the band. He excels especially in science and maths, but is not called a geek because he's in the band.

    8) a) Your 1st girl loves her art. Her room is a typical artist’s room and she always has some sort of project going.

    b) Your second girl is quiet and shy and a bit of a bookworm; she always has her head in a book. She loves English and French.

    c) Your third girl is a bit troublesome. She is always getting detentions and letters home (BAD letters btw). However, she gets detentions for her detours outside of lessons, not for work efforts, so leaves school, surprisingly, with straight As and a B in maths. She has a kind heart and loves animals. When not in detention she is walking your dog _______, or dog training with her/him (choose).
    9) so twin 1 becomes a director, composer, and choreographer for the West End. He marries a woman called ______ and they have a girl called ______.

    10) twin 2 becomes a music teacher at a specialist music school. he's a great teacher and all the kids love him. he marries a drama teacher called ______ and they have two boys: ______ and _______

    11) 3rd boy studies to become a surgeon. He is one of the top surgeons in the country and his team is well renowned. He has one child with his wife ______; a boy called ______. He’s a great dad and teaches him guitar, despite having a lot of work.

    12) 1st girl becomes an art teacher who has 5 children; 1 boy called _____ who is outnumbered by his 4 older sisters _____, _______,_______, and _______, with her husband ______(and last name)

    13) 2nd girl goes on to become a best-selling author who writes mostly ______ novels. She marries a man called ______(and last name) and has twin girls: ______ and ________.

    14) 3rd girl becomes a vet and marries a man called _____(and last name) who she has 1 girl with called ______.
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    Me: Emma Elizabeth Cook (Mantegna).

    College: Amherst College.
    Concentration: History.

    DH: Ryan Peter Cook.

    Wedding: http://paganconnection.files.wordpre...1280.jpg?w=440

    1. Declan Alexander Cook.
    2. Jasper Thomas Cook.
    3. Aiden Michael Cook.
    4. Sophie Isabelle Cook.
    5. Ava Penelope Cook.
    6. Delia Catherine Cook.

    Dog: King (American Akita).


    Declan's Wife: Helena Rose Cook (Rossi).
    Declan's Daughter: Emilia Rachael Cook.

    Jasper's Wife: Veronica Michelle Cook (Tunney).
    Jasper's Son: Devlin Theodore Cook.
    Jasper's Son: Caiden Edward Cook.

    Aiden's Wife: Sarah Dominique Cook (Baker).
    Aiden's Son: Keegan Daniel Cook.

    Sophie's Husband: Ian Samuel Brewster.
    Sophie's Daughter: Chloe Evangeline Brewster.
    Sophie's Daughter: Averie Genevieve Brewster.
    Sophie's Daughter: Emilie Gwendolyn Brewster.
    Sophie's Daughter: Carlie Veronique Brewster.
    Sophie's Son: Levi Charles Brewster.

    Ava's Husband: Damian William Kang.
    Ava's Daughter: Cressida Victorie Kang.
    Ava's Daughter: Eleanor Persephone Kang.

    Delia's Husband: Stephen Paul Jane.
    Delia's Daughter: Cordelia Gabrielle Jane.

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