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  • India

    15 28.85%
  • Dahlia

    37 71.15%
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    Naming our daughter: India or Dahlia?

    India and Dahlia are names that mean a lot to our family.

    Dahlia was my grandmother's favorite flower. She grew them in her backyard, and every time I see one I think of her. We also think it is a lovely name that would fit in with so many little girls named Lily and other flower names in recent years.

    India is a nod to my husband's ethnic origins, and therefore our children's. He's from the West Indies, and we feel the name could reflect nicely the place and times where that side of our famiy came from. We don't mind that most people will think of the country, rather than the Caribbean, it would be a hidden meaning for us as a family.

    Her big brothers' names are Tobias and Mateo, in case that helps you break out tie. Her middle name will be, without a doubt, Felicity.

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    India is nice, but I love Dahlia and your reason for choosing it. Dahlia Felicity is beautiful.

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    Another vote for Dahlia, for all the reasons you gave, blacksail!
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    India is lovely and I slightly prefer it to Dahlia, so I would choose India
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    I prefer India, but Dahlia is nice too.

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