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    Catholic baby girl name

    I'm Catholic and having my first baby girl in May after having 3 boys. I would like a name that had a special meaning and have narrowed it down to 2. I would like opinions on which everyone prefers as my husband has said I can make the final choice. I definitely want Grace as a middle name. It's a choice between Ava or Lily as the first name.

    I picked Ava as baby is due on feast day of bl Eva of Liege although I prefer the pronounciation of Ava not Eva. It is also a saints name which is required for baptism. My husband likes Ava.

    I picked Lily as the lily is the birth flower for May and baby is due 2 days after our 2nd wedding anniversary. The lily flower is given to your partner on your 2nd wedding anniversary as well apparently. The lily is also associated with the Virgin Mary. We would have to pick a saints name to go with the middle name for the purpose of baptism if we pick lily but that additional name wouldn't go on her official birth certificate. It would just be Lily Grace.

    Any options on which I should pick? Lily Grace or Ava Grace or Lily Ava Grace

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    I prefer Lily Grace.

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    I LOVE Lily Grace, it's a beautiful combination - simple but elegant. It also seems very symbolic given the links the the Virgin Mary and your wedding anniversary. I also think Lily Grace Ava (rather than Lily Ava Grace) sounds really pretty.

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    That's what I was thinking. May is the month of Mary and also lily is the May birth flower. Our anniversary is 24th and she is due 26th. If she arrives on 24th I truly will be giving my partner a lily on our 2nd anniversary

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    Lily Grace is lovely. Very simple and pretty.
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