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    Zoë, Zeva and another girl! Help!

    Yes, I know we painted ourselves in a corner with this one. Murphy's Law and all that. Our oldest is Zoë, chosen before it became trendy and our middle one is Zeva. We are fans of unusual, short, pronounceable names. Obviously, we like the Z sound. We pair with a "normal" and family middle name so that she has an option when she gets older. The middle name will be Sharon in this case. So, I appreciate opinions.

    Ziya (We're afraid this sounds too ethnic)
    Zinnia (I like the nickname Zin, but I concerned because every time I have told someone, I have gotten "Like the flower?!" as a response)
    Ezra (Yes, I know it's a boy's name. Don't flame me on this. I like gender benders like "Elliot")
    Zara (I actually firmly dislike this name. Actually, any name that sounds like they just dropped the first letter and replaced it with a Z is on my dislike list.)

    Going completely a different direction is an option too. Hubby's list contains the non-Z name Calliope.

    Right now, Ezra is a frontrunner, but Ziya and Calliope have both held our top spot. Do you think an Ezra would be upset that her name doesn't start with a Z like her sisters? Is Ziya too ethnic? Should we just forget what it sounds like with sibs names and pick something completely different? Please no trendy names. I hate that Zoë became popular after my oldest was born.

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    I actually love Zinnia! I think the fact that it's a flower is awesome, any little girl would love to be named after a flower. Zin is a cool nickname but I prefer Zinnie

    I actually like Ezra on a girl. When I first heard the name I thought it was a girl's name, there's a Japanese show I watch and one of the main characters is a girl named Ezra. It wasn't till I came on here that I realized it's actually considered a male name.

    I know you hate Zara but to me it's completely different than Sarah. I pronounce it Zarr-a, so it sounds different than Sarah, and it has a completely different feeling to me. I'd consider it!

    Ziya is alright, but I prefer the others. My top choice is Zinnia.
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    I like Ziya- but I prefer Ezra. I think it's a nice way to tie in the "z", and I think Ezra Sharon in gorgeous! Also- unless you really think you need the "Z"- calliope is a lovely choice.
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    While I think that Ezra is all boy and she would probably be more upset that people assume she's a boy all the time than her name doesn't start with a Z.

    Is this your last child? That may play into your decision as well. If it is your last child, would you want to break the tradition you've started (albeit unintentionally) or does that not matter to you. If she isn't planned on being your last child you could easily go with something else and possibly give the next child the same starting letter (Oldest 2 children have Z names, youngest 2 have D names...etc)

    I think Zinnia is pretty and Zin is an adorable nn.

    What about


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    Thanks for the suggestions and comments! Keep them coming! I like hearing outside opinions. I like Zion a lot for a girl... Might be able to sell DH on it. Zephirine is great as it is close to our boy's name, Zephyr. Yes, we're planning on just 3.

    I definitely don't feel like I have to have a Z. I have threatened to go with Jane (LOL). I actually love Jane! I appreciate the feedback on Zinnia and Ezra. Zinnie is VERY cute.

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